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Ecoste Deco Panel is a Termite and Water Proof 4mm PVC sheet. Ecoste present their decorative products for wall panelling. Homes will no longer look boring. There are 12 delicate designs, which can embrace any type of walls or ceiling. The panelling can be done both in the interior and exterior of homes. The panels will transform dull walls into a work of art. The modern designed panels will compliment just about any type of wall of any room.

Advantages -

  • Ecoste Deco Panels are very stylish and sleek
  • Ecoste Deco Panels are very durable
  • Ecoste Deco Panels are resistant to pest and rotting
  • Ecoste Deco Panels do not require constant attention or maintenance
  • Ecoste Deco Panels are 100% water, termite, moisture & borer proof.
  • Ecoste Deco Panels are 100% Green & Eco friendly product.

Ecoste Deco Panel  are made only in Frosty White color but we can paint any color , PU Polish , Duco , PU Matt and much more.

Size            -   8X4Feet / 2440X1220MM..

Thickness -   4MM - 4.2MM Because of 2d design.

The most primary benefits of Deco Panel is 100% Water and Termite Proof. Deco Panel is best solution for wall moisture problem.

Deco Panel can use at both Interior/Exterior applications. Few applications are listed below.

  • Residence Walls.
  • Ceilings.
  • Kitchen Walls.
  • Bathroom Walls.
  • Kitchen Walls.
  • LCD panel.
  • Out Door Furniture.
  • Decorative Tents.

The endless advantages of Ecoste Boards make it an inevitable product:

  • Green and 100% eco friendly Product
  • 100% Safe product
  • Recyclable
  • Water and moisture Proof
  • Bacteria and Fungus Resistant
  • Termite Proof
  • No shrinking and swelling
  • Maintenance free
  • Light weight and strong
  • Dimensionally Stable and Engineered
  • Excellent thermal &bending properties
  • 100% Formaldehyde, Phenol and toxic Free
  • Clean and Odourless
  • Durable and Boiling water Resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fire Retardant

The answer is definitely YES!!! It can be cut, drilled, nailed and sanded like normal wood based boards. All these processes can be done with standard and conventional carpenter tools.

Ecoste Boardscan be easily processed with all board processing machines like Board saw, Beam saw, Vacuum press, CNC Router, Edge benders, Multi boring and other machines.

The applications of Ecoste Boardsare diverse which are scattered across industries, residential or for commercial use. Few applications are listed below:

  • Interior Ceilings
  • Interior wall cladding
  • Modular Kitchen Carcasses
  • Kitchen Shutters
  • Office Furniture
  • Laser Cut designer Wave Boards
  • Laser Cut designer Grill Boards
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Laminates can easily be pasted on Ecoste Boards
  • Veneers can easily be pasted on Ecoste Boards
  • High Gloss, Matt, Satin P.U Paint surface can be prepared with less consumption of material.
  • ACP’s and Acrylic solid surface can also be cladded on the same.
  • Lacquer finish
  • All Routing and Carving Possibilities

Ecoste Boards are not just single layer wood polymer composite boards. Infact at Ecoste, boards are prepared using the Multi-layer Technology. In this technology, there are 3 significant layers are visible which gives it a look and feel of pre laminated boards.

Ecoste Boards offers Lifetime guarantee for being:

  • 100% formaldehyde and toxic free
  • Any damage due to termite, pest, bacteria, fungus and boring insects
  • Any damage caused due to exposure to water or moisture.

The material has been tested and has passed the requirements for all these aspects as per the international standards.

At Present, we are manufacturing twocolours which are under mentioned:

  • Frosty White
  • We are currently manufacturing the color mentioned as under.

Only Virgin grade thermo polymers are used to manufacture the Ecoste Boards, which makes it a Pure Green product.

All water based adhesives (PVC to Wood) manufactured by Fevicol, Jowat (148.20) etc. can be used for pasting any laminate or veneer on surface of Ecoste Boards. The recommended glue is formaldehyde and solvent free.

The smooth surface of Ecoste Boards makes it feel that, before applying any adhesive, we need to sand the surface!!! However, we don’t need to sand the surface as Ecoste Boards are manufactured using cross linking polymer technology, which ensures perfect and durable gluing of laminate to Board.

All types of screws and nails can be easily drilled or nailed with the help of conventional tools. When u screw on Ecoste Boards, then the sturdy combination of virgin polymers and dried wood fibres, insures that it forms a circular ring. Thus, even if u screw or unscrew at the same position for more than 10 times also, it doesn’t gets free. Moreover, any hardware once screwed will never become loose. Thus, Ecoste Boards