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Decorative Product For Wall Panelling

12 Exquisite Designs which can Embrace the walls, ceiling.

Interior / Exterior


Decorate your walls now!

Transform your walls into beautiful pieces of artwork. Decorative wall panels can give life to your boring walls. They are the modern and contemporary wall designs that have been embraced by many home builders. Everyone loves to have a beautiful home, and these decorative panels can help you attain it. The decorative panels for walls are made of natural plant fibres and are very eco-friendly. They are easy to handle, fix and maintain. It can be installed without any visible screws, and this makes it an aesthetically good looking option. The wall panels are also easy to clean and dust. They are paintable, and you can colour them with whatever colour contrasts that you choose.

Decorative wall panel gives an entirely different dimension to your walls as well as your home. They go well with types of rooms, be it your living room, bedroom, den or the dining room. It can even be used on kitchen and bathroom walls. They can also be used for commercial buildings such as hotels, board rooms, offices, lobbies, restaurants, motels, trade show exhibits and so on. They are a treat to the eyes and are very extravagant looking. If you have a plain wall, these panels will accentuate the beauty of it.

They come in many designs and forms. You can choose according to the interiors of your home. The panels are durable and do not get affected by exposure to air or water. It is termite-proof and waterproof.

There are 12 exclusive designs at Ecoste, and you can pick any of it for your walls and ceiling. The 4 mm thick panel can be fixed both on the interior and exterior of the home. It is basically white in colour, but can be coloured according to your tastes.


Color : White

Size : 2440X1220 or 8 feet X 4 feet

Thickness : 4 mm (Approx.)

Deco Panel Video

Why Ecoste Deco Panels?


  • We have used Ecoste Deco panel for wall panelling at one of our commercial projects. We used it for kitchen walls and bathroom. The product can be quickly installed, paintable with duco and can be installed without any visible screw system.
    Ar. Vikas Bansal (Design Domain)
  • We have used ecoste deco panels instead of embossed MDF. The product being 100% waterproof, 100% termite proof makes it a need of every house