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Men who Matter

The founding stone of Ecoste was laid by experienced professionals from different fields along with the support of well qualified and talented human resource. The team comprises of engineers from leading nations having expertise in the WPC industry, which gives much needed impetus and support to the technical aspect of the product.

  • The team on board is well versed with the technology used by the company. The veterans from wood and plastic industry bring in years of experience with them which actually materializes the products in its real shape. The ability of Ecoste to strive for excellence is unmatched and unparallel and gives the brand an edge over other brands visible in the market. Due to our commitment towards our work and customers, we have been trusted by numerous office and home builders in a very short span of time. We have always envisioned Ecoste as the product for future therefore its durability and eco-friendly nature attracts consumers more than anything else. Our in-house team of quality controllers and supervisors keenly test every Ecoste products for their quality and world standards before they are rolled out from the warehouses and factories.

Quality First

At Ecoste The technology is perfectly eco friendly as the product thus manufactured out of it is completely recyclable and do not degrades the resources of environment one bit. The quality of the products are certified and adhered to all international bodies who lobby for environment.

  • The production is 100% formaldehyde free, releasing no air and water pollution; hence all products are highly eco-friendly.

The Set Up

Our plants and factories are well equipped with state of the art latest machineries sourced from across the world. The engineers who are at work are also outsourced from foreign locations where WPC technology has been pioneered. They help us achieve competent and exceptional quality control and production process at our production facility.

  • Overall, whatever steps it takes to build a world-class product are adopted at Ecoste. The infrastructure we have in place ensures a quick and smooth delivery of our products in India and globally as well. With superior technology and experienced professionals, we at Ecoste ensure quality and certified products.