Benefits of using Aluminum composite panels

Building construction material used now days is of high tolerance and tensile strength that’s why the use of aluminum composite panels has increased in a significant manner. The materials used in making ACP are approved by the American Architectural Manufacturer Association. These panels are made in India because the materials used are present in high quantity. The materials are mostly used to coat the aluminum panels.

Reason why aluminum panels are preferred over any other materials

The main reason why ACP is preferred over other materials is the price. The low price of ACP has made it a favorite construction material for building interiors as well as exteriors. The durability of this panel is very high, and it also has the ability to withstand high wind pressure. If Mg (OH)2 is used, it can be made fire proof as well.


More reasons why ACP is so famous among construction materials:

  • Thickness of ACP: The ideal thickness of ACP used for making high rise building is 4 mm. This thick ness can withstand the wind load very efficiently.
  • Grades of aluminum: The ideal grade of aluminum used for making the exterior of the building is AA 3105. This aluminum is made of manganese and magnesium, which resist oxidation. AA 3003 alloy is also used widely in making 10m high buildings.
  • Dow Corning sealant: This 789/991 quality of the silicone sealant is of very high quality that provides high tensile strength to ACP. The silicone is attached by using the removable tape; hence, they are very easy to use and apply.

The manufacturing process of decorative wall panels uses recyclable materials which make them very environment-friendly material. Manufacturers are using sustainable resources to get the maximum out of these resources by minimizing the wastage in the process of manufacturing. Therefore, the material is very cost efficient plus the builder gets to use a material, which is nature-friendly. This way, they are providing beautiful homes to people and contributing to nature as well.