Top 15 PVC wall designs for interior walls and building elevations


With the advancement of technology and presence of intriguing interior and exterior designs, everyone wants one’s home and office to make a style statement. In this scenario, you must know about the flawless PVC wall panels , which draw you to great wonder and surprise.

PVC Wall Panels

The PVC wall panels  are also known as decorative wall panels  available in frosty white colour, but further paintable in any color of one’s choice. Coming to PVC wall design , there are over 15 creative designs available with Ecoste that the customers can check, before finalising the one according to the theme of their respective properties.

The 3D panels  have great stability and dimensional strength given the presence of mineral fibers. The most entrancing thing about PVC wall panels  is that these suit magnetically on the building elevation, as these are 100% waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant and termite-proof. The PVC panels for walls  are UV-resistant due to the presence of Titanium Dioxide chemical in their composition. This means that the beauty and hues of the panel wall  remain consistent for a long period of time. Moreover, it is a very nourishing idea to fill one’s residential and commercial spaces with PVC wall design , that can become an artistic memory for every guest, visitor or friend.

The thickness of the PVC wall panel s is 5 mm, and the size of the 3D panel  is 4 Ft. X 8 Ft.! Being parents or caretakers of children, you can stay tension-free as there is no use of any harmful chemical in the composition of the PVC wall panel s. As a matter of fact, the PVC panel for walls  is free of formaldehyde, which is a hazardous chemical used in the making of many wallpapers and substitutes of PVC wall panel s. Therefore, the kids and elders enjoy the best of PVC wall design and 3D wall panels . In the interiors, the 3D effect leaves everyone mesmerised, while from the building elevation there is a “Wow” effect felt heartily by the people who see it. Check All 15 Designs

3D Wall panels

The innovative and decorative cladding product, as it is known at Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite, the only vision is to give committed service and quality for the price paid for the 3D wall panels . The quality PVC wall panels  are cost-effective and have a lifetime guarantee, for being wash-proof, termite-proof and fire-retardant. By buying it for your home and office, you contribute towards the green revolution which Ecoste is leading with its green products. If you want to buy the PVC wall design  rich PVC wall panels , then feel free to reach the Ecoste Team at +91-9555075075 or simply drop a mail at, from where our team shall get back to you at the earliest.

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Get 3D Tiles For Wall | 3D Wall Panels | PVC Wall Panels For Bedroom & Elevation


The very 3D effect these days attracts people to get it in the interiors and exteriors of their homes and offices. The best way of getting the fascinating touch of 3D in the decoration is by installing wallpapers or having wall paneling done. For a long time, people are of the view that 3D tiles for walls  act as a remarkable option, but there is a lot you need to know before you make a choice. In the wake of 3D tiles for wall , there is an option of installing 3D wallpaper and 3D wall panels in India. Here we tell you some points, which would help you in deciding the best choice when you are looking for creative and gorgeous wall paneling .

3D Wall Panels For Bedroom

1. Unified Look

When designing a home or office, what goes in a person’s mind is a theme that suits aptly with one’s taste of aesthetics and likeness. Here, 3D tiles for walls  fit well and so do 3D wallpapers, but they don’t give a complete look to the walls. The tiles are available in small sizes, which have to be fixed in the walls. This doesn’t give the 3D effect when viewed from a shorter distance. This is not the case with PVC wall panels in India . That is because, the PVC wall panels can be installed as a whole product on the walls and no gaps are visible too. The panel size is 4Ft. * 8Ft. having a thickness of 5 mm. The complete look achieved by 3D wall panels in India  makes them a viable choice for the wall paneling, in comparison to 3D tiles for wall .

2. Costing

Given a lot of labour required for the application of 3D tiles for wall . The efforts include that the existing tiles need to be removed from the walls, this makes a lot of noise and spreads smoke around the home. The wall needs to be cemented equally and work of craftsmen is required for this. 3D tiles for walls  require more time in the application process in comparison to the time taken to install 3D wall panels in India . Hence, less cost, time, labour and effort is required for the installation of 3D wall panels in India.


3. Patterns/Colours/Designs  Of 3D Wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels

There are many designs, patterns and colors available while one is selecting 3D tiles for walls . But there is not flexibility in the decision process, because the 3D tiles for walls  come as a finished product, upon which there can be no additional work done. Ecoste provide  3D walls panels in India  in 15+ designs and can be painted in any color. Ecoste PVC wall panels can install at both interiors/exteriors of the home and office space.

3D Wall Panels

 4. Availability Of 3D Wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels

The customer might not be able to find the design of one’s choice while choosing the 3D tiles for walls , or it could take a long time for the selected choice of design. When it comes to 3D wall panels in India , selected designs are readily available. Also, the customization process doesn’t take time, as innovative and exclusive technology meets style! CNC machines make the customization seamless, and bring the walls the royalty and glory they deserve the most. GET COMPLETE INFO

Given the above reasons, it is understood that the 3D wall panels in India  win over the 3D tiles for walls . Being the leading manufacturer and supplier of enduring and rich looking 3D wall panels in India, the team at Ecoste Wood Polymer, makes sure that the customers are fully satisfied and comes back again to select more products. If you want your home walls to rule the hearts and minds of your dear ones, then install 3D wall panels. You can get in touch with the Ecoste team at, +91-9555075075 or

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Top 3 High Quality PVC Wall Panels Suitable For Both Interiors & Exteriors


In the wake of the great benefits that are attached to the PVC wall panels, there is no doubt over the fact that they are the future of wall paneling in India. The versatility and flexibility in the designing and implementation of the PVC wall paneling set them apart from their substitutes. Here we take you through 3 high-quality PVC wall panels, that you should surely consider while the construction and renovation of your home interiors and exteriors is taking place. The options are listed as follows:

1. CLAD-EX –  3D wall panels

3d wall panels

The 3D wall panels are unique in their appearance and specifications, coming in over 15 designs. They come as ready products, which can further be painted according to the likeness and interests of the customers. The 3D wall panels are easy to install and all carpentry equipment can be used on them. The interesting and most alluring fact about 3D wall panels is that they are moisture/ water proof, fire retardant, termite proof and eco-friendly. Putting the 3D wall panels in the exteriors like elevation, front facade, cladding is as easy and recommended as is putting them in the interiors. KNOW MORE

2. Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative Wall Panels

The decorative wall panels come in 12 designs which enhance the look of the walls and ceilings very well. The wall paneling with decorative wall panels is done with white sheets of thickness 4 mm(approx.), which are paintable, flexible and versatile (i.e, they are durable). The decorative wall panels can be installed in the kitchen as shutters, walls, pillars, furniture, etc. While in the bathrooms, they are very successful when it comes to being a great substitute to tiles and good solution to counter the moisture related problems arising from time to time. In the age of design and technology, the decorative wall panels have been used in the decorative tents, LCD panels and much more! Their nature of being 100% water-proof, termite proof, fire-retardant and recyclable make them durable and a user-friendly product. The decorative wall panels leave no harmful effect on the health of the living beings, since their is usage of no life-threatening chemicals as is the case with the substitutes of the decorative wall panels. KNOW MORE

3. Wall Paneling

Wall paneling


To get exquisite wall paneling in the interiors and exteriors of one’s establishments, an individual can find a range of options with PVC wall paneling. The two options being 3D wall panels and decorative wall panels have already been listed. Now, comes the turn of the PVC jali. The Ecoste PVC jali is a complete substitute to the GRC grill, FRP jali, cement jali, MDF jali, etc. CNC based technology used in them gives well defined and accurate designs. The PVC jali has a lifetime guarantee, being 100% termite proof, waterproof, UV resistant and fire-retardant, suitable for both interior & exterior.

Expect neat, precise look to your the interiors and exteriors of the place where they are installed. People use them in the exterior facade, to beautify the elevation or to cover the plumbing shafts. The light weight of PVC jali is another plus point which the customers readily acknowledge. The top 30 builders of India have approved the Ecoste PVC jali, because of the fine quality, strength while being one of the best exterior grade products. KNOW MORE

These were the 3 high-quality PVC wall panels that are apt for application in the interiors and exteriors of both homes and offices. Their adaptability to the different weather patterns makes them stand out very responsibly!

The wall paneling gets an additional advantage when purchased from Ecoste, the leading manufacturer and exporter of PVC and WPC based products. The customers get a lifetime guarantee on the products when it comes to being waterproof, termite-proof, UV resistant and fire-retardant. To know more about Ecoste products or wall panelling, feel free to reach the EcosteTeam at or +91-9555075075.

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Get Premium Quality PVC Sheets for Wall


Dampness of the walls brings down the confidence of a person when he/she has guests coming over. In order to get the most enthralling finishing to your homes and offices, there is a complete solution provided to you by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite.

The composition of the PVC sheets for wall (Mineral Polymer Composites), is given as follows:

Ecoste PVC Sheet

  • Virgin Polymers: 70%
  • Mineral Fibers: 15%
  • Additives and Requisite Chemicals: 15% (there is no harmful chemical)

Since, in the making and installing of the PVC sheets for wall, no trees are cut or environmental damage is caused- the PVC sheets for wall are purely environmental friendly, hence following the sustainable development goals of the society.

At Ecoste, we take it as our duty to present our customers with good quality products. Listed below are the three different types of PVC sheets for wall, that can be used to get enchanting interiors and exteriors of your homes and offices.

1. Plain MPC & PVC Sheet

PVC Sheets For Wall By ECOSTE

The plain mineral polymer composites (MPC) & PVC sheet come in different thicknesses, starting from being a 5 mm sheet to 18 mm PVC sheet with high-density quality. Being a PVC – polymer composites based product these become the perfect solution to clad the damp walls and give a great finishing to the interiors & exteriors of your house and office. The problem of dampness can be solved through the application of PVC sheets for wall. You can paste laminates or veneer on the MPC & PVC sheet, in addition to working on them with the CNC machines and 3D routers. There are plentiful ways on how you can customize the cladding on the home interiors & exteriors with the PVC sheet. The PVC sheets for wall are originally available in white color, which can be further given the colors according to the preferences of the customers.

2. Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative Wall Panels

The Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels are another type of PVC sheets for wall, available with Ecoste in a wide range of 12 designs and are open to many customizations. They have a thickness of 4.2 mm (approx) and are white in color. Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels are ideal for wall paneling, and over 12 designs embrace the bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchen area, kitchen shutters, bathrooms, ceilings, pillars, decorative tents, etc and can use at exteriors. They can be definitely painted and used for different purposes, some of which have already been mentioned. Therefore, the customers can customize the deco panels according to their taste of aesthetics. The PVC sheets for wall uplift the appearance of the home and office spaces and make you feel at comfort.

3. CLAD-EX 3D wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels

Ecoste 3D Wall panels - PVC Sheets For Walls


 CLAD-EX 3D wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels are the third type of PVC sheets for wall, available in a panel size of 4 Ft. * 8 Ft., with a thickness of 5 mm. These PVC sheets for wall can be applied both in the interiors and the exteriors of the housing and commercial projects. They fit perfectly in the elevation of the buildings, giving an aesthetic and art-like characteristic to the entire buildings. The CLAD-EX panels are made with special polymers composites which make them resistant to warping and are highly durable. They are available in 15 designs and are UV resistant, due to which they can be applied without any doubt in the exteriors of the buildings.

The PVC sheets for walls add great value to the properties where they are installed. They are paintable and highly customizable. Added advantages of the PVC sheets for wall are that they are 100% water-proof, termite-proof and fire-retardant. You should surely given the PVC sheets for wall a try and contribute to sustainable development while getting beautiful home interiors and exteriors.

If you have any query or want to buy the PVC sheets for wall, then feel free to get in touch with the customer care staff of Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite at (+91) 9555075075 or mail us at!

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The Best Way to Enhance your 3D Elevation Design with Ecoste CLAD-EX 3D Wall Panels


The discussion regarding the 3D elevation design  brings forward the enthralling designs of the high-rated product known as CLAD-EX 3D wall panels. The discussion is even more important, given the elevation of the front facade says a lot about the taste of art and aesthetics of the house owners. In addition, one always dreams of having a home which speaks by its design and building material, when it comes to beauty and artistic definition. The CLAD-EX 3D wall panels are excelling in 3D elevation design , giving the architects the option to use them in the building elevation of the projects they are working on. This was not the case, years back!

Given this fact, that 3D elevation design  is in rising demand, these days many companies are producing different kinds of products for elevation of the buildings. Today, we take you through some of these products. Read on, for more information on them.

1. High Pressure Laminates

ECOSTE Wall Panels Much Better Than Hpl

The high pressure laminates are 6 to 8 mm compressed laminates, used by some architects in the building elevations. They come in a finished form in woodgrain and solid colours, but after a certain point of time their colour starts to fade. On an average, the high pressure laminates start bulging and bending after 3 years. This means, that they are not durable products which could stay intact in their shape and form for a long period of time. The 3D elevation design  does not change again and again on a short span of time, so it would be better to select a durable and promising alternative to it.

2. Fiber Cement Planks

The Fiber Cement Planks are heavy in weight and brittle in nature. They are available in wood-grain form and can be coloured in the desired colours and patterns. Being heavy in weight, they increase the weight of the building; in addition their installation is a very tedious process.

3. Slim Tiles

ECOSTE Wall Panels Are Much Better Than Slim Tiles

The Slim Tiles are also referred as Aluminium, where no further surface treatment is needed on the elevation design . The only thing which can hurt a consumer while purchasing it for their house or office is that, these are very expensive. So, they weigh very heavy on the pocket when a customer selects them for the application of the 3D elevation design .

4. Epay Wood

ECOSTE Wall Panels Are Much Better Than EPAY WOOD

Epay wood is also known as Brazilian wood. Their major advantage is that their application gives a wooden look to the residential villas. In order to maintain their gleam and sheen of the elevation design  by using the Epay Wood, the customer needs to get it polished and re-waxed after every 2 years. If the customer is ready to work on the elevation design  after every 2 years, then this could be a choice, otherwise not!

5. Aluminium Composite Panel

Ecoste Wall Panels Are Much Better Than ACP Sheet

The elevation design  that can be achieved through the Aluminium Composite Panel is very commercial in nature, and is mostly used by companies and offices. Their elevation design  doesn’t suit the residential villa, so this keeps them bound to only use in the commercial spaces. Another point in their installment is, that their color fades after a period of 4-5 years. They start bulging from the joints as well.

Having talked about the elevation design  available in the market, there is the need to study the points about CLAD-EX 3D Wall Panels from Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite.

ECOSTE 3D Wall Panels

The 3D wall panels from Ecoste give a 3 dimensional look to your existing front 3D elevation design . This further adds a greater aesthetic value to your establishments, both the residential and commercial spaces. The CLAD-EX 3D wall panels are made with special polymers, which makes the products resistant to warping. In addition, they are 100% paintable and are available in 15 elevation design . Their thickness is 5 mm and they are available in a panel size of 4Ft * 8Ft. The 3D wall panels are 100% termite proof, water proof and fire retardant. Ecoste provides life-time guarantee on the same qualities as well.

Hence, customise your 3D elevation design  using CLAD-EX 3D Wall Panels from Ecoste. Let your house speak volumes about your taste of designing and aesthetics. If you have any queries then feel free to reach the customer support team of Ecoste, by dialing the number (+91) 9555075075 or by mailing us at!

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How To Install 3D Wall Panels

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful home- a place they can be proud of, every morning and night. The quote, “Home is where the heart is, goes very well, with the previous statement. So, what goes into making a home of one’s dream is, placement of gorgeous artworks for uplifting the interiors of one’s residence. Your home says a lot about your taste of art and aesthetics, so make sure, you say it out with pride. Good taste of art comes with the knowledge of latest innovative technology and trends- and 3D wall panels are just an example of that innovative technology.

The 3D wall panel is suitable for application in both the interiors and exteriors of the commercial and residential projects. Moreover, the installation process of PVC wall panels very easy and can be learned without much effort. Here we take you through the pointers learning which you can install the 3D wall panels in your home and office spaces.


  1. First, you need to take the measurement of the wall where you are going to apply the PVC wall panels. Once that is done, you need to select the number of PVC wall panels required for the same. Make a note, that a 3D wall panel come in the size of 8 Ft. * 4 Ft., their thickness is of 5 mm each.
  2. For installation in the interior projects, you need to cut three PVC strips or aluminum channel of the section size 1*1.5 inch for one 3D Wall Panel. Then, screw them on the wall after a gap of every two feet. The PVC strips/aluminum channel become the strong base for the application of the wall panels. While, for the installation of CLAD-EX 3D wall panels on the exteriors of a building, it is recommended to use an aluminum channel. This is so because aluminum acts as a stronger base and can support the cladding efficiently during the different seasons.
  3. After screwing the strips and making a solid base, comes the time to cut the PVC wall panels n the size of the wall using a panel saw a hand saw/hand cutter. Now, you need to install the wall panels on the strips using screws, starting from the border to the other side of the wall.
  4. Now is the time to put three or more screws at some distance on either side of the wall panels against the strips.
  5. In order to hide the screws or hide the gap between two PVC wall panels, you can apply silicon over them.


This presents you glorious wall panels. PVC wall panels come in white color, but are paintable and can be given any color of your likeness or interests. The CLAD-EX wall panels from Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite are made with special polymers, which make them resistant to warping and suitable for application on both the interiors and exteriors of the residential and commercial projects. They are 100% waterproof, termite proof, recyclable, fire retardant and come with a lifetime guarantee. Adding to your delight, you can find 15 designs available of the 3D wall panels with Ecoste.

You can buy the Ecoste 3D wall panels and give your building projects the ravishing touch they deserve.For any query or information, you can call us at, +91- 9555075075 or mail at!

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Just One Step To Make Your Elevation Or Commercial & Residential Interi-or/Exterior Completely Gorgeous With Ecoste CLAD-EX 3D Wall Panels!!!

Getting the walls painted has been a basic way of refurbishing the interiors and exteriors of the residential and commercial properties since time immemorial. In the age when the state-of-the-art designing steps in, there is every reason why you should keep yourself updated with the products winning the public eye the most!

Modern interior and exterior designing is no longer just about getting an attractive look, but in addi-tion it is also about uplifting the quality standard of the products installed in one’s place. In the cur-rent scenario 3D wall panels have come up as a convenient and enthralling solution to keep the walls up in style and presentation. It would be a good idea to go through some of the versatile ap-plications of the 3D wall panels , given as follows:


1. Building Elevation
It would bring you bundles of joy and happiness to learn that the eye-catching 3D wall panels can be installed in the building exteriors in a flawless manner. The fact being that they are 100% wa-terproof and termite-proof shall add to your delight. Now, give a pleasing look to your home from the outside and let people go dreaming to have a home as beautiful as yours. The 3D wall panels fit the bill for instalment in any building, whether it is a residential project or commercial project.

2. Home Interiors


The 3D wall panels take the interior designing of your place to another level, when they are applied to the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. They are termite-proof, which adds to their property of being durable products. They are suitable for the rooms, because they can be applied in accordance to the theme of the room, which includes the colour, the style and designing. Spray paint on 3D wall panels leave a beautiful and striking finish on the room interiors. Their is no hazardous chemical used in their manufacturing and they are 100% environment friendly, which also makes them fit for application!

3. Office Interiors
The ease in assembling and installing the panels on the walls make them a good option for the of-fice spaces. The maintenance work is very easy, and there is no need to worry about their quality and beautification. You can use these panels for wall-decoration, while they also look classy in the


conference and activity rooms.
4. Cafes, Lounges and Party Places

Give a warm, thrilling and sensational feel to the party places with these panels. They are rich in style, sound-retardant, and catchup very well with the theme of the cafes. You can clean them properly and efficiently, and stay devoid of any tension when it comes to the thought of mainte-nance due to moisture. As a matter of fact the 3D wall panels are 100% moisture free and fire re-tardant!


Knowing the numerous applications of 3D wall panels , you should give a thought to introducing them to the interior and exterior deigning of your place. You can watch the video of easy application here, and call us at +91-9555075075 or drop a mail at for any enquiry.

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Types of Indoor Wall Cladding

Cladding is a vital aspect of your building construction. You must choose the best material for cladding to produce the most aesthetic, efficient and comfortable impact.


From ordinary wood panels to 3D wall panels, there is a lot of choice. The following are the major types of indoor wall cladding materials available in the market:

  • Vinyl cladding:This is the most popular cladding type in the U.S. It is used in majority of homes as it provides enough protection and is also an affordable option for many. But it is not regarded as good in quality as other cladding material like wood.
  • Aluminium cladding:In comparison to Vinyl, aluminium cladding is much costlier. But this material is much moredurable and long lasting. Thus it is subject to less replacement and gives stronger cladding. It is popular for special rooms like basement and storage.
  • Wooden cladding: It is a much more highly rated cladding than other types and stronger than aluminium and vinyl. But it is much preferred for aesthetic reasons as it has an attractive finish. This cladding is made mainly of redwood or cedar. It is expensive to install as well as maintain.
  • Fibre cement cladding: This material is a popular alternative for reasons of strength and beauty. It is strong and resembles the finish of wood. Another perk is that it is easier and less expensive to install. These wall cladding panels arealso zero maintenance.
  • Brick cladding: This cladding will provide a lovely decorative look indoors. But it is difficult to install and is quite expensive. Usually people who don’t like wood prefer to use bricks. Though it is costly, brick cladding is pretty durable.
  • Stone cladding: As opposed to brick cladding, stone cladding is regarded as more natural and fresh. It is very popular to use in bathrooms, living rooms, indoor gardens as well as other rooms. It is quite durable but it is very expensive to install.
  • Laminate cladding: This cladding is superior to other types. Most popular for wet regions like bathrooms, it is tough and does not fade or chip. It is also cheaper than other types.
  • Steel cladding: It is suitable for both interior and exterior wall cladding panels.

These are the major types of wall cladding.

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Bored of painted walls? Here’s an idea!

Everyone wants his/her house to look good and thus every lady of the house sets the house, taking care of minutest thing possible. But some people get irritated seeing a painted wall whereas some want the wall to look like a piece of art. Well, don’t worry here is something one can do to get rid of painted walls and make your home look fancy. Just install a wall decor item on the wall and make it look alive. This piece of art isn’t expensive as a person thinks it to be. Instead of re-painting the wall and experiencing harassment of changing rooms, this is the shortest possible way to make the home look decorative.

There are some of the best designs available which one can select and decorate the home with. The painting of every design can be done according to the choice of the consumer. 3D wall decor is something one can use to add an artistic effect to the house. Every room’s importance can be enhanced by using such decorative item. Well, it is not so much expensive and hard to find. One can simply check it online.


The wall decor panels are used these days to add beauty to the house. For every type of accommodation, there are wall decors available. One needs to simply think about what color shall attract the guest. When some guests arrive, the first thing that makes the impression of one’s house are the walls. Sometimes it might happen that the walls absorb water, and they look dirty, but one can use the wall decor panels to hide the flaw and with the same can enhance the beauty.

Wall decor panels are available in various sizes so there is no need to worry about what size will fit the wall. Installation of such wall decors doesn’t take so much time as compared with re-painting the walls. It takes few hours to install the wall panel, and within that much time, one’s home changes from boring accommodation to a luxury living.

If any person is planning to re-paint the house, then he/she must at least try the wall decor panels and see the effect.

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