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Dampness of the walls brings down the confidence of a person when he/she has guests coming over. In order to get the most enthralling finishing to your homes and offices, there is a complete solution provided to you by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite.

The composition of the PVC sheets for wall (Mineral Polymer Composites), is given as follows:

Ecoste PVC Sheet

  • Virgin Polymers: 70%
  • Mineral Fibers: 15%
  • Additives and Requisite Chemicals: 15% (there is no harmful chemical)

Since, in the making and installing of the PVC sheets for wall, no trees are cut or environmental damage is caused- the PVC sheets for wall are purely environmental friendly, hence following the sustainable development goals of the society.

At Ecoste, we take it as our duty to present our customers with good quality products. Listed below are the three different types of PVC sheets for wall, that can be used to get enchanting interiors and exteriors of your homes and offices.

1. Plain MPC & PVC Sheet

PVC Sheets For Wall By ECOSTE

The plain mineral polymer composites (MPC) & PVC sheet come in different thicknesses, starting from being a 5 mm sheet to 18 mm PVC sheet with high-density quality. Being a PVC – polymer composites based product these become the perfect solution to clad the damp walls and give a great finishing to the interiors & exteriors of your house and office. The problem of dampness can be solved through the application of PVC sheets for wall. You can paste laminates or veneer on the MPC & PVC sheet, in addition to working on them with the CNC machines and 3D routers. There are plentiful ways on how you can customize the cladding on the home interiors & exteriors with the PVC sheet. The PVC sheets for wall are originally available in white color, which can be further given the colors according to the preferences of the customers.

2. Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative Wall Panels

The Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels are another type of PVC sheets for wall, available with Ecoste in a wide range of 12 designs and are open to many customizations. They have a thickness of 4.2 mm (approx) and are white in color. Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels are ideal for wall paneling, and over 12 designs embrace the bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchen area, kitchen shutters, bathrooms, ceilings, pillars, decorative tents, etc and can use at exteriors. They can be definitely painted and used for different purposes, some of which have already been mentioned. Therefore, the customers can customize the deco panels according to their taste of aesthetics. The PVC sheets for wall uplift the appearance of the home and office spaces and make you feel at comfort.

3. CLAD-EX 3D wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels

Ecoste 3D Wall panels - PVC Sheets For Walls


 CLAD-EX 3D wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels are the third type of PVC sheets for wall, available in a panel size of 4 Ft. * 8 Ft., with a thickness of 5 mm. These PVC sheets for wall can be applied both in the interiors and the exteriors of the housing and commercial projects. They fit perfectly in the elevation of the buildings, giving an aesthetic and art-like characteristic to the entire buildings. The CLAD-EX panels are made with special polymers composites which make them resistant to warping and are highly durable. They are available in 15 designs and are UV resistant, due to which they can be applied without any doubt in the exteriors of the buildings.

The PVC sheets for walls add great value to the properties where they are installed. They are paintable and highly customizable. Added advantages of the PVC sheets for wall are that they are 100% water-proof, termite-proof and fire-retardant. You should surely given the PVC sheets for wall a try and contribute to sustainable development while getting beautiful home interiors and exteriors.

If you have any query or want to buy the PVC sheets for wall, then feel free to get in touch with the customer care staff of Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite at (+91) 9555075075 or mail us at!

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Make your Home Captivating with PVC Wall Panels!

In the day to day life of an individual, one might go to the office, meet friends or travel to far-away places, but in the end, one always returns to one’s home. It is well said, that there is no place like one’s home- it is special for a multitude of reasons. Understanding the closeness one has for one’s home, there is every reason that it should be well maintained and beautiful.

The PVC Wall Panels can be distinguished as Wood Polymer Composite Boards (WPC Boards) and Mineral Polymer Composite Boards (MPC Boards). Two interesting points behind these boards are their composition and effect on the surroundings. Having 70% virgin polymer, 15% chemicals/additives, the only difference between the two boards is that WPC Boards have 15% wood powder while MPC boards have 15% mineral fibres.


You are free to make a choice between the two boards in place of plywood boards to be installed in your home. WPC Boards are beige in colour while the MPC Boards are frosty white in colour. A striking point why you should select them for your house is that these are pocket-friendly and consumer-friendly. The PVC Wall Panels come as finished products that do not require any further lamination or paint which is required once you purchase plywood for your home interiors. The Ecoste Boards might appear expensive to you at the first go, but the finished product is cheaper than the plywood boards. In addition, you can use the WPC and MPC boards in your home exteriors as well as interiors. In comparison, plywood cannot be used in the exterior of one’s home, given it is not waterproof and UV rays protected. The presence of Titanium Dioxide makes the PVC Boards UV resistant, and helps them pass the Xenon Arc Test.


Another endearing point of the PVC Wall Panels is that there is flexibility in the designs you can bring to your home interiors and exteriors. Some of the PVC-based products offered by Ecoste are given as follows:

1. WPC Solid Doors
2. PROFIB Door Frames (with German Technology)
3. DECO-Panels
4. MPC Grills
5. CLAD-EX 3D Decorative Panels

There are endless possibilities in designing and installation of PVC Boards with Ecoste. Always remember that your home says volumes about your taste of art and aesthetics. Make sure, you never settle with less when you can get the most innovative products. If you want your home get the gorgeous look, then feel free to contact us at +91-9555075075 or mail us at to get the best quotes and more information.

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Do you want to know why you should choose PVC Wall Panels in your home? We are happy to tell you why!

It is a tiresome task to keep the walls of one’s house in perfect rendition with one’s taste for a long time; given the dampness that can strike the walls. In this case, the deco panels from Ecoste act as a fine substitute to painting and getting wallpapers done on the wall.

The Decoration Panels are a 4mm PVC sheet that can be used for wall panelling. There are 12 delicate designs which are provided by Ecoste for PVC Wall Panels that come in frosty white colour and gleam magnificently. In addition, the shine on the wall panels win the hearts instantaneously. Once it placed on the wall, you can also paint it in any colour of your likeness after applying thinnerto remove the shine.


The PVC Wall Panels from Ecoste giving a 3D look can be applied perfectly on various interior and exterior spaces, some of which are given as follows:
• Residence Walls
• Ceilings
• Kitchen Walls
• Bathroom Walls
• Kitchen Walls
• LCD panel
• Outdoor Furniture
• Decorative Tents

PVC Wall Paneling gives a pleasing touch and definition to the walls. Given the multitude of benefits of these panels, these can be found in the cafes, lounges as well. One more reason why people are engrossed to introduce them in their household is its ease of application and zero maintenance costs.


By introducing the products from Ecoste, you get to make the most of the opportunity of contributing towards the wellness of the society in general. The deco panels are environment-friendly and recyclable in their nature. There is no swelling or contraction that can be found on the panels once they are applied on the walls. The issue of dampness and moisture on the walls is also met, with grace! Adding to their advantages the decoration panels do not catch fire and stop the need to get the paint done on the walls again and again.

Hence, you should opt for PVC Wall Panels and make the walls look attractive and decorative. For clarity about their technical application, you can watch the video and decide for yourself, regarding why you want these panels in your office and residential spaces. To get more information about any of our products you can visit or call us at +91-9555075075.

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Benefits of using Aluminum composite panels

Building construction material used now days is of high tolerance and tensile strength that’s why the use of aluminum composite panels has increased in a significant manner. The materials used in making ACP are approved by the American Architectural Manufacturer Association. These panels are made in India because the materials used are present in high quantity. The materials are mostly used to coat the aluminum panels.

Reason why aluminum panels are preferred over any other materials

The main reason why ACP is preferred over other materials is the price. The low price of ACP has made it a favorite construction material for building interiors as well as exteriors. The durability of this panel is very high, and it also has the ability to withstand high wind pressure. If Mg (OH)2 is used, it can be made fire proof as well.


More reasons why ACP is so famous among construction materials:

  • Thickness of ACP: The ideal thickness of ACP used for making high rise building is 4 mm. This thick ness can withstand the wind load very efficiently.
  • Grades of aluminum: The ideal grade of aluminum used for making the exterior of the building is AA 3105. This aluminum is made of manganese and magnesium, which resist oxidation. AA 3003 alloy is also used widely in making 10m high buildings.
  • Dow Corning sealant: This 789/991 quality of the silicone sealant is of very high quality that provides high tensile strength to ACP. The silicone is attached by using the removable tape; hence, they are very easy to use and apply.

The manufacturing process of decorative wall panels uses recyclable materials which make them very environment-friendly material. Manufacturers are using sustainable resources to get the maximum out of these resources by minimizing the wastage in the process of manufacturing. Therefore, the material is very cost efficient plus the builder gets to use a material, which is nature-friendly. This way, they are providing beautiful homes to people and contributing to nature as well.

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Enhance the Decor of Your Room with Wall Panels

Since the evolution of mankind, the decoration of various areas has got huge significance in its life. In this modern age, there are various spheres where decoration is much required. Till date, the wall decoration was limited to the use of wall paints, and at the max, wallpapers. But, with the change in trend now, there are also wall panels, which are used to offer a different look to the wall and change one’s experience of being in the concerned area whether it is a home or any commercial area. Before going to the detailed knowledge of these panels, one must know what these panels are.

These panels are made from different materials by different makers. However, rather material, here the look of the panels is more important. There are panels available with endless designs and colors in the market. There are also a few makers, who offer the customized wall panels also. Hence, to get exact decorative panels for walls as per one’s requirement is easier now. There are lots of brands also in the market that offer a huge range of panels.

How to fix them?

Well, to fix or install the wall panels is not a difficult task at all. Usually, these panels are available in standard size and hence one need to get the concerned wall measured first so that the number of panels can be accordingly availed. Then there are different adhesives available in the market that can be used to fix the panels. Before using the adhesive, one must clean the wall thoroughly so that the adhesive can provide expected effects and make the panels fixed accordingly.

The installation of the panels can be started from the base part of the wall and gradually one can fix the panel one above another. In a few minutes, the wall can be covered with these panels and the look of the wall gets completely changed. After fixing the panels, one can clean the area and panels as well. One must choose a design that is easy to maintain the panels as the panels with complex designs get the deposition of dust and dirt and make it difficult to clean also.

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