Top 15 PVC wall designs for interior walls and building elevations


With the advancement of technology and presence of intriguing interior and exterior designs, everyone wants one’s home and office to make a style statement. In this scenario, you must know about the flawless PVC wall panels , which draw you to great wonder and surprise.

PVC Wall Panels

The PVC wall panels  are also known as decorative wall panels  available in frosty white colour, but further paintable in any color of one’s choice. Coming to PVC wall design , there are over 15 creative designs available with Ecoste that the customers can check, before finalising the one according to the theme of their respective properties.

The 3D panels  have great stability and dimensional strength given the presence of mineral fibers. The most entrancing thing about PVC wall panels  is that these suit magnetically on the building elevation, as these are 100% waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant and termite-proof. The PVC panels for walls  are UV-resistant due to the presence of Titanium Dioxide chemical in their composition. This means that the beauty and hues of the panel wall  remain consistent for a long period of time. Moreover, it is a very nourishing idea to fill one’s residential and commercial spaces with PVC wall design , that can become an artistic memory for every guest, visitor or friend.

The thickness of the PVC wall panel s is 5 mm, and the size of the 3D panel  is 4 Ft. X 8 Ft.! Being parents or caretakers of children, you can stay tension-free as there is no use of any harmful chemical in the composition of the PVC wall panel s. As a matter of fact, the PVC panel for walls  is free of formaldehyde, which is a hazardous chemical used in the making of many wallpapers and substitutes of PVC wall panel s. Therefore, the kids and elders enjoy the best of PVC wall design and 3D wall panels . In the interiors, the 3D effect leaves everyone mesmerised, while from the building elevation there is a “Wow” effect felt heartily by the people who see it. Check All 15 Designs

3D Wall panels

The innovative and decorative cladding product, as it is known at Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite, the only vision is to give committed service and quality for the price paid for the 3D wall panels . The quality PVC wall panels  are cost-effective and have a lifetime guarantee, for being wash-proof, termite-proof and fire-retardant. By buying it for your home and office, you contribute towards the green revolution which Ecoste is leading with its green products. If you want to buy the PVC wall design  rich PVC wall panels , then feel free to reach the Ecoste Team at +91-9555075075 or simply drop a mail at, from where our team shall get back to you at the earliest.

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Get 3D Tiles For Wall | 3D Wall Panels | PVC Wall Panels For Bedroom & Elevation


The very 3D effect these days attracts people to get it in the interiors and exteriors of their homes and offices. The best way of getting the fascinating touch of 3D in the decoration is by installing wallpapers or having wall paneling done. For a long time, people are of the view that 3D tiles for walls  act as a remarkable option, but there is a lot you need to know before you make a choice. In the wake of 3D tiles for wall , there is an option of installing 3D wallpaper and 3D wall panels in India. Here we tell you some points, which would help you in deciding the best choice when you are looking for creative and gorgeous wall paneling .

3D Wall Panels For Bedroom

1. Unified Look

When designing a home or office, what goes in a person’s mind is a theme that suits aptly with one’s taste of aesthetics and likeness. Here, 3D tiles for walls  fit well and so do 3D wallpapers, but they don’t give a complete look to the walls. The tiles are available in small sizes, which have to be fixed in the walls. This doesn’t give the 3D effect when viewed from a shorter distance. This is not the case with PVC wall panels in India . That is because, the PVC wall panels can be installed as a whole product on the walls and no gaps are visible too. The panel size is 4Ft. * 8Ft. having a thickness of 5 mm. The complete look achieved by 3D wall panels in India  makes them a viable choice for the wall paneling, in comparison to 3D tiles for wall .

2. Costing

Given a lot of labour required for the application of 3D tiles for wall . The efforts include that the existing tiles need to be removed from the walls, this makes a lot of noise and spreads smoke around the home. The wall needs to be cemented equally and work of craftsmen is required for this. 3D tiles for walls  require more time in the application process in comparison to the time taken to install 3D wall panels in India . Hence, less cost, time, labour and effort is required for the installation of 3D wall panels in India.


3. Patterns/Colours/Designs  Of 3D Wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels

There are many designs, patterns and colors available while one is selecting 3D tiles for walls . But there is not flexibility in the decision process, because the 3D tiles for walls  come as a finished product, upon which there can be no additional work done. Ecoste provide  3D walls panels in India  in 15+ designs and can be painted in any color. Ecoste PVC wall panels can install at both interiors/exteriors of the home and office space.

3D Wall Panels

 4. Availability Of 3D Wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels

The customer might not be able to find the design of one’s choice while choosing the 3D tiles for walls , or it could take a long time for the selected choice of design. When it comes to 3D wall panels in India , selected designs are readily available. Also, the customization process doesn’t take time, as innovative and exclusive technology meets style! CNC machines make the customization seamless, and bring the walls the royalty and glory they deserve the most. GET COMPLETE INFO

Given the above reasons, it is understood that the 3D wall panels in India  win over the 3D tiles for walls . Being the leading manufacturer and supplier of enduring and rich looking 3D wall panels in India, the team at Ecoste Wood Polymer, makes sure that the customers are fully satisfied and comes back again to select more products. If you want your home walls to rule the hearts and minds of your dear ones, then install 3D wall panels. You can get in touch with the Ecoste team at, +91-9555075075 or

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Get Premium Quality PVC Sheets for Wall


Dampness of the walls brings down the confidence of a person when he/she has guests coming over. In order to get the most enthralling finishing to your homes and offices, there is a complete solution provided to you by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite.

The composition of the PVC sheets for wall (Mineral Polymer Composites), is given as follows:

Ecoste PVC Sheet

  • Virgin Polymers: 70%
  • Mineral Fibers: 15%
  • Additives and Requisite Chemicals: 15% (there is no harmful chemical)

Since, in the making and installing of the PVC sheets for wall, no trees are cut or environmental damage is caused- the PVC sheets for wall are purely environmental friendly, hence following the sustainable development goals of the society.

At Ecoste, we take it as our duty to present our customers with good quality products. Listed below are the three different types of PVC sheets for wall, that can be used to get enchanting interiors and exteriors of your homes and offices.

1. Plain MPC & PVC Sheet

PVC Sheets For Wall By ECOSTE

The plain mineral polymer composites (MPC) & PVC sheet come in different thicknesses, starting from being a 5 mm sheet to 18 mm PVC sheet with high-density quality. Being a PVC – polymer composites based product these become the perfect solution to clad the damp walls and give a great finishing to the interiors & exteriors of your house and office. The problem of dampness can be solved through the application of PVC sheets for wall. You can paste laminates or veneer on the MPC & PVC sheet, in addition to working on them with the CNC machines and 3D routers. There are plentiful ways on how you can customize the cladding on the home interiors & exteriors with the PVC sheet. The PVC sheets for wall are originally available in white color, which can be further given the colors according to the preferences of the customers.

2. Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative Wall Panels

The Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels are another type of PVC sheets for wall, available with Ecoste in a wide range of 12 designs and are open to many customizations. They have a thickness of 4.2 mm (approx) and are white in color. Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels are ideal for wall paneling, and over 12 designs embrace the bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchen area, kitchen shutters, bathrooms, ceilings, pillars, decorative tents, etc and can use at exteriors. They can be definitely painted and used for different purposes, some of which have already been mentioned. Therefore, the customers can customize the deco panels according to their taste of aesthetics. The PVC sheets for wall uplift the appearance of the home and office spaces and make you feel at comfort.

3. CLAD-EX 3D wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels

Ecoste 3D Wall panels - PVC Sheets For Walls


 CLAD-EX 3D wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels are the third type of PVC sheets for wall, available in a panel size of 4 Ft. * 8 Ft., with a thickness of 5 mm. These PVC sheets for wall can be applied both in the interiors and the exteriors of the housing and commercial projects. They fit perfectly in the elevation of the buildings, giving an aesthetic and art-like characteristic to the entire buildings. The CLAD-EX panels are made with special polymers composites which make them resistant to warping and are highly durable. They are available in 15 designs and are UV resistant, due to which they can be applied without any doubt in the exteriors of the buildings.

The PVC sheets for walls add great value to the properties where they are installed. They are paintable and highly customizable. Added advantages of the PVC sheets for wall are that they are 100% water-proof, termite-proof and fire-retardant. You should surely given the PVC sheets for wall a try and contribute to sustainable development while getting beautiful home interiors and exteriors.

If you have any query or want to buy the PVC sheets for wall, then feel free to get in touch with the customer care staff of Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite at (+91) 9555075075 or mail us at!

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How To Install 3D Wall Panels

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful home- a place they can be proud of, every morning and night. The quote, “Home is where the heart is, goes very well, with the previous statement. So, what goes into making a home of one’s dream is, placement of gorgeous artworks for uplifting the interiors of one’s residence. Your home says a lot about your taste of art and aesthetics, so make sure, you say it out with pride. Good taste of art comes with the knowledge of latest innovative technology and trends- and 3D wall panels are just an example of that innovative technology.

The 3D wall panel is suitable for application in both the interiors and exteriors of the commercial and residential projects. Moreover, the installation process of PVC wall panels very easy and can be learned without much effort. Here we take you through the pointers learning which you can install the 3D wall panels in your home and office spaces.


  1. First, you need to take the measurement of the wall where you are going to apply the PVC wall panels. Once that is done, you need to select the number of PVC wall panels required for the same. Make a note, that a 3D wall panel come in the size of 8 Ft. * 4 Ft., their thickness is of 5 mm each.
  2. For installation in the interior projects, you need to cut three PVC strips or aluminum channel of the section size 1*1.5 inch for one 3D Wall Panel. Then, screw them on the wall after a gap of every two feet. The PVC strips/aluminum channel become the strong base for the application of the wall panels. While, for the installation of CLAD-EX 3D wall panels on the exteriors of a building, it is recommended to use an aluminum channel. This is so because aluminum acts as a stronger base and can support the cladding efficiently during the different seasons.
  3. After screwing the strips and making a solid base, comes the time to cut the PVC wall panels n the size of the wall using a panel saw a hand saw/hand cutter. Now, you need to install the wall panels on the strips using screws, starting from the border to the other side of the wall.
  4. Now is the time to put three or more screws at some distance on either side of the wall panels against the strips.
  5. In order to hide the screws or hide the gap between two PVC wall panels, you can apply silicon over them.


This presents you glorious wall panels. PVC wall panels come in white color, but are paintable and can be given any color of your likeness or interests. The CLAD-EX wall panels from Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite are made with special polymers, which make them resistant to warping and suitable for application on both the interiors and exteriors of the residential and commercial projects. They are 100% waterproof, termite proof, recyclable, fire retardant and come with a lifetime guarantee. Adding to your delight, you can find 15 designs available of the 3D wall panels with Ecoste.

You can buy the Ecoste 3D wall panels and give your building projects the ravishing touch they deserve.For any query or information, you can call us at, +91- 9555075075 or mail at!

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Choose the Best Fit Wall Panels for Your Home

It is often seen today that many people prefer wall panels when renovating their homes. It is a best solution for people who want to hide the imperfections behind the wall panels. They come in large variety of designs with unique patterns and elegant finishes. People who like to have wooden effect in their home walls but could not do so because of the money factor, they can easily use these decorative panels because there are imitation patterns available in wide assortment of shades, class and widths. You can choose that fits best your interior styles and colours.

wall panel decorative can be easy on your pocket but one should also consider these points while buying, installing and cleaning these products.



Buying a decorative wall panel – Before purchasing the wall panel for your home, you should be well aware of the current interiors of your home. Make sure you only choose from the large variety of designs that best match your current home interiors; else they can ruin the overall look of the house as well. Also for your peace of mind, check whether the company you are purchasing from is giving a guarantee on their product.

Installation of wall panels – Usually companies do provide the installation facility when you purchase the product from them. But if not, then you can do it on your own as well if you have some idea about carpentry. Wall panels are easy to install but make sure you use a protective gear before you start the installation project yourself. If you are not too confident about it; then it’s best to call for an expert to carry out the job for you. But you might have to pay something extra for the installation.

Maintaining Wall Panels – If you feel the surface of the wall panels, you would realise they are smooth. Hence, the cleaning process is easy for wall panels. But make sure you only use products recommended by the manufacturer for cleaning else you might end up damaging the panels. There is often a guide that comes for the cleaning process.

Therefore, decorative wall panels are an easy and cost effective option for your home renovations.

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Decorative panels form an amazing choice to beautify the wall

Wall panels, according to the latest trends are stated to be quite popular among those people who are eager to have their home interiors decorated with elegance. Using such amazing decorative products, it is possible for the home owners to have their interiors decorated with uniformity of appearance. The wall panels are both decorative and functional in nature. It is regarded to be a single material piece being of rectangular shape, ideal for covering the walls of the home having visible unique appearance. They are found with sound-proof characteristics and featured with ease to insulate and replace as well. Hence, they can be found to be designed in various sizes and provide a whole range of choices to choose from depending upon the home interior.

decorative panels for walls

Offering huge choice of decorative panels

Most of the suppliers of decorative panels for walls are known to offer 1220 x 2440 mm products, which is regarded to be the standard size. The item surface is created from rubber mud with Plywood, HPL, HDF, MDF or GRG as base materials. Apart from this, such items have been designed according to the custom provided designs of the customers.

3D decorative panels besides having strong stereo sense are known to offer combination of elegance, dignity and comfortable feeling to the clients. This way, the wall can be made to appear trendy and attractive. Also, precious money can be saved, since it is not required for the person to spend on finishing and paints. Besides this, an exotic feeling is provided with the 3D designs within the thickness range that is between 3 and 18mm.

Wall panels and the environmental benefits

Numerous environmental benefits can be availed by using the decorative panel items like:

  • They are designed using silicon glue or mail guns for pasting so as to eliminate electricity costs.
  • The decorative item is termed to be cost effective, helping to minimize labor costs, since few hours only is required for installed them at restaurant, homes and hotel walls.
  • It is found to be ideal for exterior veneer and interior decorative applications. They are considered to be light weight and versatile in nature.

The above are few of the benefits that can be derived by using wall panels.

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Types of Decorative Panels for Walls

Wall panelling is a type of architectural constituent installed in commercial and residential buildings. Decorative panelling is done mainly for aesthetic appeal and sometimes for functional purposes. Thus, decorative panelling for walls is truly versatile.

decorative panelling for walls


The main types of decorative panels in the market are;

  • Gypsum Panels: Also called as 3D panels, today they are one among the most popular decorative panels in the market today. They are made of a mix of plaster and other materials. These panels are quite strong but must not be used in areas which endure regular and repeated mechanical impact, such as in narrow corridors. They are also sensitive to moisture and can be used ideally in office, living room or bed room but not in a balcony. 3D panels look quite stylish.
  • Wooden Wall Panels: These are made of natural wood, veneer or chip-board. Price of the panels is determined by the type of species of wood used. These panels come in diverse designs. They fit into classic interiors as well as for simple looks without any décor. Panels made of veneer and MDF suit libraries, offices and big living rooms. They can decorate one or all walls in a room.
  • Fabric Panels: They are decorative panels which are soft to touch. They are mostly sued for soft furniture- fabric, foam and solid base, mainly for upholstery. The potential for wall decor is limited only by your budget and imagination. Most popular designs are rectangles and squares and are sued to decorate night clubs and restaurants. They can be installed as head of beds or for one wall in the bed room.
  • Leather Panels: They are similar to fabric decorative panels. They have the same soft texture. They are expensive and incredibly beautiful. They are warm to touch. One can use decent leather that does not have same external characteristics but is cheaper and more practical. They can be used in bedrooms, office rooms, hallways and living rooms. They resemble tiles in design. The only thing you need to ensure is that the location must not be susceptible to contamination. It can occupy an important place in the home.

These are the major types of decorative panels in the market.

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