4 Major Reasons Which Could Force You to Use WPC Doors Over FRP Doors


Fiber reinforced plastic doors, also known as FRP doors are used given their advantages of being waterproof, termite-proof and fire retardant. They are widely used in commercial and residential projects, given their attractive and enticing looks. FRP doors are also chosen over wooden doors and plywood doors, given their advantages. In the current scenario, there is another product which is winning as a substitute of FRP doors. The product is Wood Polymer Composite door, also referred as WPC door. Therefore, it is a good idea to walk through the differences between FRP doors and WPC doors, to know which door you need in install in your commercial and residential establishments. Read on:

1. Usage of Toxic Chemicals

Get 100% Eco Friendly Doors - WPC Doors By ECOSTE Wood Polymer Composite

Toxic chemicals are used in the making of FRP doors, which are cancer-causing and leave a negative impact on humans and pets. This is a disadvantage of FRP doors, which should definitely be considered before buying them. Whereas, there is no usage of cancerous toxins in the manufacturing of WPC doors and door-frames. This fact makes WPC doors and door-frames a green product, in comparison to the FRP doors.

2. Cost

FRP Doors More Costly Than ECOSTE WPC Doors

The cost of products always plays a greater role in their selection process. So holds true in the case of FRP doors and WPC doors. As a matter of fact, FRP doors are always expensive than the WPC doors, which shall be a reason good enough to select WPC doors over FRP doors. The WPC doors are cheaper than plywood doors, flush doors as well. This is because the WPC doors come as a finished product in comparison to the flush doors and plywood doors and there is no additional expense such as the application of laminate/veneer; as is the case with flush doors and plywood doors. This makes the WPC doors a better choice over FRP doors when it comes to the price.

3. Designs

Wpc Doors Designs - ECOSTE Wood Polymer Composite

The FRP doors and door-frames come in a solid finish, hence giving an entrancing look to the interiors and exteriors of the establishments. But their limitation is that the designs of the FRP doors are very limited and selective. This is one disadvantage they have, over WPC doors which do not have any design limitations. The WPC doors are plain surfaces over which any kind of surface treatment can be done seamlessly. The surface treatment can be done according to the choice and taste of aesthetics of the customers. The kind of surface treatment that can be done includes CNC, polishing, pasting of laminates/veneer, etc. This makes the WPC doors a flexible selection over the FRP doors. In addition, the PVC-based door design give an alluring appearance to your house and office interiors and exteriors.

4. Delivery Time

Save Time - Get WPC Doors By ECOSTE Wood Polymer Composite

The manufacturing of the FRP doors is a completely manual process, other than being an extrusion or automated process. Due to this a lot of time is needed in their manufacturing, and bulk demand is not met on a timely basis. The delay in delivery schedules becomes another disadvantage of FRP doors, which affects the customers. In comparison to the manufacturing of FRP doors, the manufacturing of the WPC doors is an automated process, which means, that the bulk orders can be produced in a lesser span of time.

Knowing the above points regarding the advantages of selecting WPC doors over FRP doors, it is ideal that you make a wise selection. If you are going to buy interior doors or exterior doors, then WPC doors fit the bill in an apt manner. WPC doors are used as PVC bathroom doors as well by many customers, given the long-life (durability) of these doors. The doors are waterproof, termite-proof, fire-retardant, contain no harmful chemical and are a green product. If you want to buy WPC doors or door frames to give the interiors and exteriors of your home/office, an appealing look then contact Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite, at (+91) 9555075075 or contact@ecoste.in!

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5 Revealed Reasons That Crystally Clarify That Now No Need To Cut Trees For Making Wooden Doors!!

In the construction or renovation phase of one’s residential and commercial establishment, there is great thought given to fine architecture and designing. At the same time, quality of the products installed also matters a lot, since a lot of investment is put into place. The thoughts are on similar lines when it comes to selecting the doors for the interiors and exteriors of the establishment. In this case, you should be knowing the availability of options for the installation of doors. Wooden, metal and WPC doors are some of the preferred choices, but let’s dwell deeper to see which one appears a wise choice!

Wooden doors give a lovely and appreciable look to the interiors, and remain the same for many


years. These can be used in a number of places, for instance, the bedrooms, kitchens, living room, etc. To give an attractive and entrancing look, laminate needs to be applied, so the wood doesn’t swell up or lose its sheen when there is a contact with water, or attack of termites. So, the buyer should always consider the importance of putting laminate or paint/polish for durability, strength and beautification of the wooden doors. The wooden doors cannot be used as flush doors in the bathrooms until and unless there is application of laminates. Having said this, it needs to be under-stood, that wooden doors come as raw products and not as finished products. At the other hand, this is not the case with the WPC doors. Since, WPC doors come as finished products, they are ready to be installed anywhere in the house, now be that in the bathroom as flush doors or in the home exteriors. While there would be many door manufacturers in India , the wisest choice is Ecoste!


Being WPC door manufacturers in India , Ecoste provides solid doors that are waterproof, ter-mite proof, recyclable and fire retardant. There needs to be no application of laminates on these doors, and it means that they weigh less on your pocket! While at the first sight, WPC doors appear expensive- but it is not the case. Since, the wooden doors available at less price are not suitable for direct application without the application of laminates, paint/polish on them. In addition, there is increased work that has to be done by the buyer, to get the WPC doors as the finished products. Hence, it can be concluded that WPC doors are cost-effective and less in price than the wooden doors, especially with the leading door manufacturers in India .

If you are planning to buy WPC doors for your house, then get in touch with Ecoste- the leading WPC door manufacturers in India . You get guarantee cards from Ecoste for the USP’s of the products, i.e, they are termite-proof and water-proof. We are one of the most trusted WPC door manufacturers in India , having wide distribution! You can watch the video for more information by clicking on this link www.goo.gl/6Jde0P! Give a call at, +91-9555075075 for quotes on WPC doors or drop a mail at, info@ecoste.in!

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5 Reasons Why Ecoste is the most trusted brand in the WPC Industry?

The WPC Industry is booming and people are getting awareness about the positives of WPC Boards. In this scenario, the thought of getting good quality products is much expected. Understanding the rising demand of WPC and MPC Boards, Ecoste has been a frontrunner in being a trusted manufacturer and supplier all over India.

The reasons why you should get WPC products from Ecoste are given as follows:

1. Quality Products with Assurance
The very fact that Ecoste provides high-quality products hold true not just for the namesake, but for real. Numerous scientific tests provided with valid technical data are testimony to the product’s strength and other astounding properties. Other companies do not provide test reports for assurance of customers!

2. Availability of Standard and Customizable Sizes & Shapes
Being a leader in the WPC door manufacturers, the doors are available in standard size, where the width remains 24”, 27”, 30”, length remains to be 78”, 81”, standard thickness is 30 mm and density is 0.6 kg/dm 3. The customized feature is also available for WPC doors in different sizes, thicknesses and width. This is not the case with competitors!

3. Leading the Green Revolution
All the products by Ecoste are environment-friendly, as the company believes in following the sustainable development objectives. All products act as the enduring green solution, since they are recyclable and completely bio-degradable! The competitors use chemicals in their products that can be harmful to the environment, and cause eye-irritation to consumers!

4. Ecoste Products Give Good ROI
A good return on investment can be enjoyed by the customers, since the factor of durability set Ecoste products apart from the competitors. The WPC products come as complete products, without any need of further lamination or requirement of any additional work on it. It is better to buy these products in comparison to wood, since there needs to be additional work done on wood to form it into the desired product. Get the glossy and striking look lifelong with WPC products from Ecoste.

5. Lifetime Guarantee on Products
For instance, Ecoste leads the WPC door manufacturers all over India, due to the multitude of factors, one of them being the lifetime guarantee provided on all the products. Other companies do not provide assurance on the products with guarantee cards like Ecoste!

Hence, make a wise choice today and get attractive WPC doors for your residential and official spaces. Visit www.ecoste.in or watch the Youtube video for more information on the wide line of products. If you have any queries drop a mail at info@ecoste.in or call at +91-9555075075.

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Know why the Eco-friendly and Appealing Ecoste Decorative Wall Panels are a Hit in the Market?

In the times, when the construction of one’s home or office is taking place, there is a great emphasis given to the strength and quality of the material used. Another important factor which plays a quintessential role is the beauty reflected by the same. In the current scenario, the application of Ecoste Deco-Panels in different areas of one’s living space is getting attention due to several reasons, one of them being that these are eco-friendly. These are made of natural plant fiber, and are not harmful for the environment. Also, there is no negative impact on the panels when exposed to water or air.


The aplenty reasons why one should consider buying these panels is also due to their durability and lifetime product guarantee assured by Ecoste.  It is easy to apply the Ecoste Decorative Wall Panels on the residence walls, kitchen walls, doors, decorative tents, pillars, ceilings, etc. They are water-proof, termite proof- and given these attributes, people are considering their application even in the washing areas of the home and office.


The process of the application involves clearing up the uneven patches on the wall where a deco- panel is supposed to be put. Later, many screws can be inserted in the wall- as they are not visible and altogether these panels give a classy look and feel to the place!

The interested buyers have the wide choice to select the white panels, since 12 exquisite designs are provided, that fit perfectly on the ceilings, walls, etc. These can also be painted in the colour of one’s preference. The deco-panels give a decorative insight to the interiors and exteriors of the place where they are applied. The thickness is approximately 4 mm, and the size of the Ecoste deco-panel is 2440 mm * 1200 mm / 8 ft* 4 ft.  Given these reasons, they are a hit in the market!


Hence, give the interiors and exteriors of your home a pleasing look by selecting decorative- panels from Ecoste. You can get all the information regarding their application process by watching the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCB19AU8HdQ, or by simply visiting www.ecoste.in/deco-panel

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Celebrate your Residential and Official Spaces, with Ecoste WPC Doors! Read more, to know how?

As we like to dress well, so do we like to see our home dressed up magnificently! The gist of the previous statement is that we feel bold and confident when both of them are in a perfect shape! One of the factors which take the interiors and exteriors of our home and office to another level are beautiful doors.


Different rooms in our homes have different styles when it comes to the interiors, so why not bring the rooms the enduring glow with WPC doors? Here are reasons why you should select them, get value and live in the home of your dreams!

1. WPC Doors are Non-Toxic and Borer Free
The WPC doors are made from 70% of the virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder and rest 15% of requisite chemicals and additives. They are 100% pest free and do not release any essence that could be toxic for the health of children or elders.

2. Strength and Better Machinability
The high tensile strength of the doors, give absolute strength to the structure of the door. They are light in weight, due to which there is a high screw holding capacity as well.


3. Environment-Friendly Product
This is a green product, recyclable and following sustainable development objectives. By selecting doors by Ecoste over others, you contribute towards the wellness of the society.

4. Fine in Craftsmanship
Get the designs of your choice and likeness on the doors, and stay merry! According to their application, unique designs can be brought in picture. They can be very readily applied in bathrooms given their waterproof nature. WPC Doors can further be installed in the interiors and exteriors of the home or offices. We proudly say, with Ecoste possibilities are endless.

5. Technology and Modern Design Go Hand in Hand
The standard thickness is 30 mm while generally, the thickness ranges from 20 mm to 35 mm. The density is 0.6 Kg/dmCUBE, and any paint colour can be applied on the doors. The door frames made with Profib (German Technology) by Ecoste, can be fitted as well in an enticing manner on the WPC doors.


Once you use them, you need to stay assured for their flawless condition for at least 20 years! That makes them a very wise and viable deal when making a selection of doors. Being a substitute to flush doors, WPC doors hold stability and longevity with no chance of swelling/contraction or wastage due to cracking. You can see the application process of WPC Doors in our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhb9GjdCj_U

If you want to get appealing interiors and exteriors to your home and office with WPC Doors, then ping us at +91-9555075075 or simply drop a mail at info@ecoste.in!

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Buy Smooth and Easy to Handle WPC Solid Doors from Ecoste

WPC solid doors are a perfect pick for your commercial and residential spaces. Getting them installed is like decorating your place and giving it an added grace. Whether for interiors and exteriors, they are versatile in their application. They are of an eco-friendly nature as well.


The reasons why you can trust WPC solid doors are plenty, considering the nature of their material. The fact that the usual plywood contains phenol and Formaldehyde is even disturbing; given, their presence leads to skin irritation, watery eyes, sneezing and cancer. You can buy doors from Ecoste that are substitutes for plywood. More benefits of getting them installed are given as follows:

1. Termite Proof
There is a great risk of termite eating the plywood and leaving it in bad shape. The doors from Ecoste are resistant to termite attack, hence standing as a better pick for your residential as well as commercial space.

2. Water Proof
This is another fine reason why you should buy Ecoste doors, given they are water resistant. While the usual doors would lose their grace in bathrooms due to the contact with water, at the same time the WPC solid doors stay glossy and smooth through the way!

3. Customizable
You can get the doors in your desired shape and design, suiting to your preferences and the interior designing of your place. Get attractive door frames from Ecoste as well, that complement the designed door. Their colour is walnut brown, having no swelling, contraction or wastage due to cracking!


They are free of corrosion, and have a high strength to weight ratio, which makes them lightweight and seamless to handle.

Hence, let the doors rule the roost in the most enduring manner and give you the bliss of sight and feel. Stay ahead in style and leave behind a strong statement for all your guests to appreciate. Feel the beauty of your home, and never stay back in getting the fashionable and trendy doors and door frames from us. Buy these doors to stay tension-free and stay relaxed! You can know more about WPC Solid door from our website www.ecoste.in! You can call us at 09555075075 or mail at info@ecoste.in for any queries or to simply take suggestions regarding our range of products.

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PVC windows and doors play huge role in the development of Infrastructure

If there is a need to have the office building or house to be constructed, then an expert architectural firm is to be hired, who are aware with the changing marketplace trends and understand the current tastes and requirements of the clients. Such professionals are said to understand the value of having the latest construction development techniques and technology installed and can be the perfect choice for preparing an interesting and effective way to develop solutions. For instance, the architect who is able to get know the value of the concept of green infrastructure development is likely to take into consideration, windows and doors installation of PVC materials and find it to be the prime requirement of any construction process.

PVC door manufacturers in India

What are PVC materials all about?

There are several PVC door manufacturers in India who have emerged so as to provide fabulous solutions to their customers. The PVC windows and doors are termed to be door and windows glasses, which are designed dedicatedly for establishing insulation within the building interiors. Also, they are known to keep the interior building areas safe from sun’s harmful ray impacts as well as from other harmful aspects. The infrastructure is enabled to be sturdy and enhanced against the whole environment related issues and troubles. It is for this reason that besides getting creative and scientific, I t is equally necessary to be responsible towards the environment. It is something that is being practiced by the infrastructure development professionals.

UPVC based casement windows; sliding doors including other options are available readily to the users of this particular series. Several positive features are associated with such product types. Users find it much easier and simple to have stronger infrastructure development that is able to last for a long time. This type of infrastructure development could be trusted to offer long lasting performance. Countless solutions are present that can be availed as and when desired from the professionals.

Manufacturers of UPVC Casement doors and windows are assisted to enjoy having huge customer based and to rely upon their products, while expanding the demand level for the same. Such idea types are termed to be modified, rich and exclusive.

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