Secret Revealed : Know How CNC Router Make Awesome 300+ Ecoste Jali Designs!!

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Routers are responsible for cutting the PVC Jali in creative and sharp designs. The WPC Boards can be crafted beautifully using the CNC, and a striking point it makes is that manual labour is saved in this manner. The boards giving a glossy and charming look take the eyes by wonderment and delight.

Here are some points given below, which tell you how CNC is a better choice for the manufacturing of Ecoste PVC Jali and bringing alive engrossing Jali designs to your estate.


1. Precision in Designing
Precision is one area where CNC takes the way forward. There are exact pointers where the process of nailing/screwing takes place with the needle attached to the CNC. The needle drops according to the design applied in the machine.

2. Computerized System of Designing

As the designs are installed in the CNC, there is no chance that the designing gets unorganized. There is aptness which wins the trust of the consumers while selecting it for the designing part. Hence, get the desired PVC Jali design with Ecoste- as we present you over 300+ designs to select from!

3. Time-Saving


As time is money, so this fact suits well in the case of CNC. Not only the manual work is saved, but also you can get the Ecoste PVC Jali to your doorstep on a short notice. Ecoste being a leading WPC Board manufacturer in India provides fast service of the creative products.

4. Affordable Installation


The manual labour required in PVC Jali design would comparatively cost much than CNC design and cutting. Also, it would be time-consuming to understand the patterns and designing requirements of the customer, which is a seamless process in the case of Computer Numeric Control Routers.

5. Extremely Easy to Install



Get ready to install the Ecoste PVC Jali to your estate, in the Jali design of your choice and preference. It is an easy task to install and doesn’t take much of your precious time. So, you don’t have to worry about the installation part!

The precision of the Ecoste PVC Jali design and cutting plays a great role in giving gorgeous look to the jali. One doesn’t work on the home interiors on a regular basis, but once in many years. So, make sure you only get quality products installed for the interior decoration of your home and office. You can watch the various applications of PVC Jali here! It is easy to install them in the interiors and exteriors of the building projects. See the process here:

If you want your establishment to get the enthralling de-signs and furnishings with PVC Jali’s then feel to get in touch with our team at +91-9555075075 or! Get instant quotes and interior decoration ideas, and don’t stay behind in making the styling statement.

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Know 5 Major True Facts Of GRC Jali With Solution!!

It is a good idea to get gorgeous and tantalising grills installed in one’s residence. GRC Jali is widely used by people while they are renovating or constructing their houses, offices, party places, etc. Their is no doubt over the fact that their application gives a finishing touch to the home interiors, and brings a smile on the faces of the buyers. While a person is thinking to beautify the building interiors with GRC jalis, one should really study how GRC performs in comparison to other alternatives.

Market has intriguing options when it comes the interior designing of the buildings. In this scenario, you might be wondering what is GRC jali actually? So, here we take you through the analysis, while comparing GRC jali with Ecoste WPC jali in India. So you the next time anyone asks you what is GRC and PVC jali, you should be well equipped with details. Read on:

  1. Modern Day Product


GRC jalis greet the eyes of the guests with great joy and merriment, but there can be even more exciting product when it comes to precision in the designing. One apt example is of Ecoste CNC jalis which are designed using the German computerised machines called CNC, while at the same time GRC are Glass Reinforced Concrete made in fixed moulds. This is a reason why Ecoste jalis are neat and precise, and give an enchanting look to your home interiors and exteriors on application. There is an availability of over 300 designs of Jalis with Ecoste. More designs can be customised according to the customer’s choices. This is possible due to the innovative computerised technology used in the CNC machines.

2. Lightweight

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GRC jails as explained are made in fixed moulds, while the Ecoste CNC jalis are a PVC based product, i.e, PVC jails are light in weight. The GRC jalis are double the weight of PVC jalis. This very property makes Ecoste PVC jalis very easy to install in the residential group housing and commercial spaces for a variety of uses. You can use the CNC designed PVC jalis in plumbing shafts and elevation of the buildings as well. GRC jalis don’t fit the bill for application in the building exteriors. You can watch the video, to know the endless possibilities of the application of Ecoste PVC jalis at: 

3. User-Friendly


Once the GRC jalis are installed in the shafts, they are not openable for any maintenance requirement. This is not the case with Ecoste CNC jalis, because these can be unscrewed seamlessly and the maintenance work can be done flawlessly! This very nature of CNC jalis make them an extremely user-friendly pick.

4. Low Water Absorption


Ecoste PVC jalis absorb 0.8 percent water in 48 hours, which is much lesser than the GRC jalis. This makes Ecoste jalis a durable and cost-effective choice for the buyers, in comparison to the GRC grills. In addition, the Ecoste products are 100% moisture proof and water proof, and come with a lifetime guarantee! Study well, regarding what is GRC and PVC based product, to be proud over your decision-making later on.

5. Flexibility


Ecoste jali’s in India come in over 300+ designs, being available in customised sizes as they come with the German technology. Their enduring and fascinating finish just takes away the viewers by a pleasant surprise and wonderment! They can be used in the house exteriors due to the less water absorption, in comparison to the GRC Jaali. Ecoste is a name trusted by the top builders of India for good quality products and the remarkable technology used behind their making.


Now, since you know what is GRC jali and its comparison with Ecoste PVC jali’s, you should make a wise selection! You can get quick quote for Ecoste jali’s by calling us at, +91-9555075075  or by dropping a mail at!

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5 Major Reasons Why Ecoste Jali’s are Better Than MDF Jali’s

While you might be in double thoughts regarding the application of WPC Jali’s (WPC Grills) and MDF Jali’s (MDF Grills) in your home and office, we present you great insight into their properties.

The WPC Jali manufactured by Ecoste stands high with astounding advantages over MDF Jali by the competitors, due the reasons as listed below:

1. Water Proof

If one looks at the capacity of the WPC Jali and MDF Jali, then one point is very striking and eye-catching. It is that MDF Jali’s swell up when in contact with water, whereas the WPC Jali sustain the contact with water and do not swell.

2. Termite Proof

The WPC Jali’s manufactured by Ecoste are termite proof, in comparison to MDF Jali’s. This very property weighs high as an advantage of WPC Jali over MDF Jali. This reflects in the added life of WPC Jali in comparison to MDF Jali. Moreover, a guarantee of over 20 years is given to the customers when they buy WPC Jali from Ecoste. A customer can take the guarantee cards too for all the Ecoste products!


3. No Hazardous Chemicals

Ecoste Jali’s are free of hazardous chemicals, and contain no formaldehyde. On the other side MDF Jali’s have formaldehyde which is hazardous to human health. This is another reason why WPC Grills are a better pick than MDF Grills.

4. Paintable

The MDF Grills need to be painted or given any other surface treatment, otherwise they look very dull and cannot be used as a raw product. This is not the case with WPC Jali’s, which give a complete as well as tuned look! They can be painted if desired by the customers, but it is not necessary to paint them- since Ecoste Jali’s come as a finished product and not a raw product.


5. Suitable for Application in Both Interiors/Exteriors

MDF Jali’s cannot be used in the exteriors of the buildings, since they swell after being in contact with water during the rainy season. This is not the case with Ecoste WPC Jali’ s. They can be applied in both the interiors and exteriors of the buildings efficiently, given they are water-proof and moisture proof.

Hence, it is a good idea to select Ecoste WPC Jali ’s in comparison to the ordinary MDF Jali’s available in the market. Get durability and a product that enriches your residential and commercial spaces. You can get quotes for the same by calling us at +91-9555075075 and visit our website, for more information on our products! You can get a glimpse of the application of WPC Jali’ s by watching the video:

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