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Ecoste Wood Polymer has been one of the oldest and leading manufacturer, supplier and dealer of PVC based products which are 100% termite proof, waterproof, UV resistant, fire retardant and a green product. The PVC sheet acts as a perfect substitute to wood and plywood, covering all the areas where the plywood products fall short. The PVC sheet applications are diverse, ranging from usage in the modular kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms. PVC sheet holds an application of being a cladding product on the walls inside and outside the buildings. They can be painted in different colors and shades to compliment the designing of the buildings, and making a dynamic style statement.

ECOSTE 3D Wall Panels

With Ecoste, the possibilities about designing the residential and commercial establishments are aplenty! This is the most attractive point about the PVC sheet, that makes them stand out to the customer’s choices! One example of this statement is the making of a shoe-rack, using PVC sheet. For the same, first of all the PVC sheet is cut in the required measurement for the making of a shoe rack.

The general size of the PVC sheet is 8*4 Ft. The cut sheets are assembled and a structure is ready! To complete the shoe-rack, shafts are formed using carpentry tools. As a matter of fact, all kinds of carpentry tools can be used on the PVC sheet. There can be application of any kind of laminate or MDF sheets over the PVC sheet if the customer likes. Otherwise, the PVC sheet comes as a complete product. In case, a laminate or veneer needs to be applied, it can be done smoothly using a Lohmann laminate bonding tape! Also, to install shelves we can use L-Patti in the body of the shoe racks. The screw holding capacity of the Ecoste PVC sheet is so high, that there is no scope for the screw to get detached or come out from the sheet. PVC sheet can be used on all kinds of furniture, driving away the fear of termite attack or water damage, etc.

Hence, Ecoste PVC sheet says a story of its own given the strength and flexibility for the making of the interior and exteriors products. In case you want to know more or want to buy the PVC sheet, then feel free to reach the Ecoste Team at contact@ecoste.in or +91-9555075075.

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Get Premium Quality PVC Sheets for Wall


Dampness of the walls brings down the confidence of a person when he/she has guests coming over. In order to get the most enthralling finishing to your homes and offices, there is a complete solution provided to you by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite.

The composition of the PVC sheets for wall (Mineral Polymer Composites), is given as follows:

Ecoste PVC Sheet

  • Virgin Polymers: 70%
  • Mineral Fibers: 15%
  • Additives and Requisite Chemicals: 15% (there is no harmful chemical)

Since, in the making and installing of the PVC sheets for wall, no trees are cut or environmental damage is caused- the PVC sheets for wall are purely environmental friendly, hence following the sustainable development goals of the society.

At Ecoste, we take it as our duty to present our customers with good quality products. Listed below are the three different types of PVC sheets for wall, that can be used to get enchanting interiors and exteriors of your homes and offices.

1. Plain MPC & PVC Sheet

PVC Sheets For Wall By ECOSTE

The plain mineral polymer composites (MPC) & PVC sheet come in different thicknesses, starting from being a 5 mm sheet to 18 mm PVC sheet with high-density quality. Being a PVC – polymer composites based product these become the perfect solution to clad the damp walls and give a great finishing to the interiors & exteriors of your house and office. The problem of dampness can be solved through the application of PVC sheets for wall. You can paste laminates or veneer on the MPC & PVC sheet, in addition to working on them with the CNC machines and 3D routers. There are plentiful ways on how you can customize the cladding on the home interiors & exteriors with the PVC sheet. The PVC sheets for wall are originally available in white color, which can be further given the colors according to the preferences of the customers.

2. Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative Wall Panels

The Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels are another type of PVC sheets for wall, available with Ecoste in a wide range of 12 designs and are open to many customizations. They have a thickness of 4.2 mm (approx) and are white in color. Deco Panels – Decorative Wall Panels are ideal for wall paneling, and over 12 designs embrace the bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchen area, kitchen shutters, bathrooms, ceilings, pillars, decorative tents, etc and can use at exteriors. They can be definitely painted and used for different purposes, some of which have already been mentioned. Therefore, the customers can customize the deco panels according to their taste of aesthetics. The PVC sheets for wall uplift the appearance of the home and office spaces and make you feel at comfort.

3. CLAD-EX 3D wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels

Ecoste 3D Wall panels - PVC Sheets For Walls


 CLAD-EX 3D wall Panels & PVC Wall Panels are the third type of PVC sheets for wall, available in a panel size of 4 Ft. * 8 Ft., with a thickness of 5 mm. These PVC sheets for wall can be applied both in the interiors and the exteriors of the housing and commercial projects. They fit perfectly in the elevation of the buildings, giving an aesthetic and art-like characteristic to the entire buildings. The CLAD-EX panels are made with special polymers composites which make them resistant to warping and are highly durable. They are available in 15 designs and are UV resistant, due to which they can be applied without any doubt in the exteriors of the buildings.

The PVC sheets for walls add great value to the properties where they are installed. They are paintable and highly customizable. Added advantages of the PVC sheets for wall are that they are 100% water-proof, termite-proof and fire-retardant. You should surely given the PVC sheets for wall a try and contribute to sustainable development while getting beautiful home interiors and exteriors.

If you have any query or want to buy the PVC sheets for wall, then feel free to get in touch with the customer care staff of Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite at (+91) 9555075075 or mail us at contact@ecoste.in!

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What are the benefits of PVC

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is the plastic polymer that is third most widely produced in the world. PVC is replacing conventional building materials like clay, concrete, metal and wood.

pvc sheet Manufactures

It is used in the construction sector because of its cost-effectiveness, versatility and superior record of use. As such it is the most crucial polymer, accounting for 60 percent of PVC production in Europe in 2006.

PVC is one of the most coveted plastics in construction and building. It is made use of for waste water and drinking water pipes, roofing foils and flooring, window frames, cables, wall coverings and many other applications. It is an alternative to conventional material like glass, rubber, metal and wood. It is lighter and less expensive.

Some benefits of PVC are:

  • Lightweight and strong: PVC is abrasion resistant, mechanically strong, lightweight, and tough. It has important advantages for construction and building applications.
  • Easy installation: PVC cane be welded, joined, shaped and cut in numerous styles. It is easy to handle because it is lightweight.
  • Durable: PVC has resistance to abrasion, shock, corrosion, chemical rotting and weathering. Hence it is used for many long lived products. As a matter of fact, 80% of PVC production accounts for medium term and long lived applications in the construction and building sector. For instance, PVC used in cable insulation and windows will have more than 40 years of working life.
  • Economical: PVC is very popular construction and building material because of its technical and physical properties that provide superlative cost-performance benefits. With regard to price, it is highly competitive. Its value increases because of qualities like low maintenance, long lifespan and durability
  • Safety: PVC is not a toxic material. It is known for its safety and value as a social resource which has been utilized for over half of a century. It also happens to be one of the globally most thoroughly tested and researched plastics.
  • Fire resistant: Just like all organic material like wood, textiles and other plastics, PVC will also burn when subject to fire. But it is self extinguishing. Because of Chlorine content, PVC products have high safety qualities.

These are some benefits of PVC. You can get PVC material from PVC sheet manufacturers in IndiaPVC is thus a versatile material for use in building and construction sector.

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