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5 Reasons You Don’t Need to Use Waterproof Plywood

Waterproof plywood has been used for many decades when it comes to getting the furnishing work done in the commercial and residential products. The waterproof plywood  has been the first choice of carpenters, contractors and architects over all these years. The very name of it being waterproof attracts the customers as well. But over all these years a better product has come to the market, about which you should know for sure! It is referred as the Ecoste WPC Board & PVC Board, settling up to be a perfect substitute to the waterproof plywood . Here are reasons why, you should select it over the waterproof plywood  that has been popular:

 1. Durability of Waterproof Ply

 The very nature of waterproof plywood  has been liked by customers, but after a span of 2-5 years, the product can get affected by termites. This means that the waterproof plywood  can be damaged completely. In order to cover on this point, Ecoste WPC Board & PVC Board have come to your rescue. The WPC Board & PVC Board are 100% termite-proof and water-proof which means that they are a durable product. This makes them an ideal product for the beautiful furnishing of the commercial and residential projects. In order to help you realise the great utility of the WPC Board & PVC Board over waterproof plywood , Ecoste gives you a lifetime guarantee on the product when it comes to being waterproof sheets and termite-proof board.

2. Green Product

 The waterproof plywood  is made after cutting trees, and contains hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, methanol and urea. They can also be harmful for the health and well-being of people, due to the foul smell which generates while their cutting/installation process is going on. This is not the case with Ecoste WPC Board & PVC Board, since they are PVC based product free of formaldehyde, methanol, urea and other hazardous chemicals. No trees are cut in their making, this means that they are environmental friendly products leading to a green revolution.

3. Fire Retardant

catches fire and keeps on burning even if the heating source is removed. This is not the case with Ecoste WPC Board & PVC Board, as it is a polymer based product. It is self-extinguishing and doesn’t ignite fire when in touch with a fire source. The fire-retardant nature of Ecoste WPC Board & PVC Board makes them a better choice than waterproof ply being used for many years.

4. Flexible in Applications

The waterproof plywood  can be used in a number of applications in the interiors of the home. But their disadvantage sums up to be their durability, as termite attack damages the waterproof plywood  very badly. The Ecoste WPC Boards & PVC Boards in this scenario are very consumer-friendly products, which can be used in a numerous of applications, namely, in modular kitchen, furniture, wet-prone areas, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, wall panelling, LCD units, sliding wardrobes, and lots more. They give a rich look to the interior applications in one’s residential and commercial spaces!

5. Prices of Waterproof Plywood & WPC Doors

The price of the waterproof plywood  is 15% cheaper to the price of Ecoste WPC Board & PVC Board but the benefits of Ecoste is higher, both for the users and the environment. Ecoste WPC Boards & PVC Boards come as a complete product, in comparison to waterproof plywood  where the need is of applying laminates, adhesive to make a finished product. The price of laminates and adhesive further increase the cost of waterproof plywood in comparison to WPC Board & PVC Board.

The above mentioned points shall surely compel you to install Ecoste WPC Board & PVC Board in your establishment in comparison to waterproof plywood ! If you want to know any further details, then get in touch with the customer service centre of Ecoste by calling at (+91) 9555075075 or by mailing at contact@ecoste.in!

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9 Factors Make Ecoste The Best WPC Board Manufacturers in India


The journey of Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite has been inspiring- especially the manner it has been successful in becoming the best WPC board manufacturers in India.Here we would like to take the opportunity to share the reasons with you regarding why WPC boards are the best products for interior and exterior applications in your residential and commercial spaces.

The Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) Boards are efficient and cost-effective substitutes of wood and plywood. WPC boards have more internal strength, weight and above all- no trees are cut in their production. In addition to this, there are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of the WPC boards. This makes them an eco-friendly product, and fulfill the sustainable development objectives of the society in general. ECOSTE Wood Polymer Composite is one of the oldest manufacturers and suppliers of WPC boards in India, giving premium quality products to customers. The products are 100% termite proof, water proof, fire retardant and recyclable.

At one side, our products have been lifting smiles on the faces of our customers- but at the same time, there have been some low-grade companies that have threatened the name of WPC boards, with bad quality products. At Ecoste, we are taking the legacy of fine craftsmanship and trust to our customers. We like to be transparent to our customers, regarding our product composition and production process. The same have been scientifically tested by the Delhi Test House Laboratory, making Ecoste one of the best WPC board manufacturers in India.

WPC, being the prime product has the composition given as follows:

  • 70% Virgin Polymer
  • 15% Wood Powder

15% Additive Chemicals (being acrylic based impact modifiers which are used for providing high-strength to the product material)

The WPC boards are UV resistant given the presence of Titanium Dioxide. The whiteness and optical brightness of the boards is due to the presence of Calcium Carbonate and optical brightener.

We have led a memorable journey so far. Here is an overview of how we have been able to write it. You can go through the reasons as follows, which tell you how. Ecoste has become the best WPC board manufacturer in India over the years.

1.) 80+ Dedicated Team Members

Ecoste is what it is just because of the combined efforts of the dedicated team members, who are following the vision- to provide the best WPC products to the present and prospective customers. The team is committed to working as a united force for the growth of Ecoste! There are different departments in which the members are working, setting high quality and service standards in the entire WPC industry. The departments include manufacturing, back-end marketing, front-end marketing, dealers, digital marketing and customer support.

2.) In-house Call Centre of 12 Dedicated Members


 At Ecoste, we have an in-house call center, which plays an integral part in strengthening the team-effort. The clients and customers can reach to us anytime, in case they need any product information or have any queries. The team members in the call center, are very enthusiastic and passionate to take the product knowledge to our prospective clients or customers, by calling them at suitable hours. We have maintained this record that no query reaching us goes unresolved. The happiness of our customers is our happiness!

3.) Proactive Digital Marketing Team

 The creative and high-performing in-house digital marketing team at Ecoste, connects the company to different online and social media platforms. Knowledge sharing we believe is very important for the people to make informed choices, and for gaining visibility on the digital platforms. In addition, the digital marketing team does re-marketing and maintains the relations and connect with our previous clients. We are happy to serve them again and again with efficient WPC products. Being the leading WPC board manufacturers in India, it is our responsibility to keep our audience informed about the right choices. This not just helps us in gaining their trust, but also in creating lifelong valued customers. We answer their queries on the digital platforms as well, being highly accessible to them.

4.) Successful Youtube Video Campaigns

In our journey of sharing knowledge about the endless WPC possibilities, we have taken Youtube as a medium very seriously. Doing this has not only made it user-friendly for the people but also been able to create professional connections with them. The Youtube statistics and user-engagement is a testimony of the same. We have created 20+ videos about our products and got innumerable impressions on the digital platform. When it comes to the total views of our videos, it accounts up to over 0.8 Million, and still growing at an exponential rate! This makes us the best WPC board manufacturer in India even in running the successful Youtube Video Campaigns.

5.) 365 Days Technical Support

 We use different tools and mediums to provide technical assistance to our clients. For information regarding the product installment anywhere in India, we provide them customer support 365 days of the year. This means that we are working every day, to reach our dream together. Optimism and passion are what inspires our customers to come back to us every time, and we love to be of help every time they require our assistance. We have communication with suppliers all over the country, and daily correspondence with our suppliers and subsidiaries makes us the leading WPC board manufacturer in India.

6.) IndiaMart Leading Supplier

 IndiaMart is a leading online portal for the manufacturers and suppliers of different categories of products. We pride ourselves in being the best WPC board manufacturers in India. being listed on IndiaMart. On searching about us WPC boards on the search engines, we are always listed on the top. So is the case with IndiaMart, where we are highly trusted source of WPC board manufacturers in India.It has always been our great motive and aims to become the best manufacturers and dealers of the WPC boards in India and we have been capable enough of doing it.

7.) 80+ Distribution Network

Our distribution network has been escalating at a great pace, and keeping to the high standards set already! Other than being the forntrunners in being the WPC board manufacturers in India also exporting WPC boards to different countries across the globe. The expansive distribution network is another USP of Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite. This has been possible due to keeping to the promises and delivering on the results impeccably. The 80 + distribution networks say volume in itself. This is a reason why you should get reliable products from Ecoste to take the look of your house to another level!

8.) Widest Product Range


The product range of Ecoste is well defined and wide. We believe in giving the right product for scaling the beauty of one’s building projects. Some of our products that bring a gleam and sheen on our customer’s faces are listed as follows:

  1. WPC Boards
  2. Grills
  3. Deco-Panels (Decorative Wall Panels)
  4. CLAD-EX (3D Wall Panels)
  5. WPC Solid Doors
  6. PROFIB Door Frames & WPC Solid Door Frames

These products are known for their own unique designs and concepts. They have many qualities which set them apart from the products sold by our competitors. Moreover, they have the brand name of Ecoste attached to them- which give you the confidence to select them for your residential and commercial projects. They come with a lifetime guarantee and all products are recyclable. We don’t have any product that would pinch your pocket. They are complete and finished products and do not require any further work, like painting, polishing, etc. But if the customers want to paint the products, then it is possible as well. We are following the approach of sustainable development and give the guarantee that all our products are green products and recyclable in nature. Giving such value to our customers, we hold great pleasure in being the high-rated WPC board manufacturers in India.

9.) Our Vision – To Become a  1 Billion Turnover  Company by 2019

Having grown by great leaps and bounds since our existence, at Ecoste the team is dedicated to fulfilling the aim of being the ₹ 1 billion turnover company by 2019. It is our great gratitude towards our valuable customers for believing in our products and using them in making their building projects enchanting and endearing. It is their support only that we are honoured to be the best WPC board manufacturers in India.

Our customers are very important to us, and the team understands the value every customer adds to the company. The queries of the customers are solved with a great level of seriousness and effectiveness from the professional personnel at work. It will be right to say that our USP is the satisfaction of our customers, for which our team works earnestly.

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6 Reasons Why Wpc Boards / Pvc Boards Are Much Better Than Wood/Plywood!!


As the Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) Boards give a pleasing look to the complexes where they are applied, there is a great curiosity to know the reason behind their appealing look!

If you are looking to buy boards of WPC in India , Ecoste is a name you should al-ways remember! Here we take you through the points which reflect the interesting facts about WPC Boards!

1. Best Substitute to Plywood


Since wood doesn’t sustain water, and it is used in Plywood- it is better to use WPC boards instead of Plywood in the exteriors of one’s home as well. Another advantage of WPC boards in India is that they can be used as flush doors in the bathrooms. In kitchens also, it is safe to use WPC boards due to their feature of being 100% wash proof and fire retardant. When it comes to boards WPC in India is given much consideration due to the many benefits which come along with it!

2. Multitude of Applications


The WPC boards form enticing products, namely, grills, deco-panels, 3D decorative panels, solid doors, door frames, etc. Using WPC boards there are different designs that can be formed. This brings flexibility in design selection into picture. Ecoste brings to you a great number of possibilities to give your home and office the attractive styling that you dream! The applications of boards are many, including kitchen shutters, bathroom vanities, office modular furniture, shoe racks and you name it, you get it made creatively. Grills in beautiful patterns and designs just win the hearts, so do the deco-panels, 3D decorative panels and doors/door frames. You can watch the application possibilities of WPC boards by visiting www.goo.gl/Borl2H! These effortless products can be installed in the interiors and exteriors of the homes, uplifting the style and presentation in a well-curated manner!

3. Seamless Workability


There is a myth existing in the minds of general public and even the carpenters that, the tools that are used on plywood, can’t be used on WPC boards. Whereas, the truth of the matter is that- the very nature of the WPC boards makes all the tools and equipments such as Randha, CNC, Panel Saw, Hand Router, etc., efficiently workable on them! Nailing and screwing is a timeless art that can be done and the boards can be fixed on walls, floors and designed into furniture, wardrobes, etc.
4. Strong and Durable
WPC boards have a high density which makes them strong, being high on internal and exterior strength. In addition, they have a softening (melting) point of 89 degrees (C) making them a viable product to be used in both the home interiors and exteriors.

5. Efficient Product


There is no usage of harmful chemicals in the WPC Boards, and hence, there is no affect on one’s health due to these products.This is a USP of these boards, given there is no irritation to the eyes while installing them in the residential or office complexes. That is the reason why they are also user-friendly!

6. Environment Friendly


Boards made by WPC in India appear as a green solution, being environment-friendly in comparison to the substitutes used. The WPC boards compose of 70% virgin polymer, 15% wood powder and rest 15% additives. There is no use of wood in these products, hence being a remarkable step towards following the sustainable development goals. As a matter of fact, a tree is saved with the usage of 10 WPC in India . With the usage of plywood and wooden products, we often forget the harm that is being done to the mother nature! Let’s join hands to use products that are environment-friendly, WPC in India being one of them!

So there is no reason to stay back, but every reason to gift your home and office the look that is much deserved and loved by all. If you want to know more about the WPC in India and the wide product range by Ecoste, you can visit www.ecoste.in or call us at +91-9555075075.

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The Myths about the usage of WPC Board


People might get confused about buying Wood Polymer Composite Boards, given the myths prevailing in the market. But what really is the fact of the matter we take you through those points.

Read on:

1. Expensive than Plywood
WPC Board comes as a finished product and is ready to be installed. This is not the case with plywood. For instance, on plywood there has to be an application of laminate to make it water proof, termite proof and fire retardant. The cost of a WPC Board might sound more to you at the first sight, but in reality it is much cheaper. There is no wastage of the product material on manufacturing of the WPC Board, whereas to give the desired shape and design to the wood, there is material wastage in Plywood. This increases the price of the Plywood Board, in comparison to the WPC Board. Hence, it is a myth that WPC Board is expensive than Plywood Board.

2. Lacks Strength

People are overheard talking that the WPC Boards are very fragile, that they can get spoiled easily by water and cannot resist strong winds and harsh temperature. As a matter of fact, the density of these boards is much higher, and so is the melting point. In addition the oxygen level value (Limiting Oxygen Index) is 30% which makes it fire resistant. The density and the other listed factors increase the internal strength of the boards. Hence, it is a myth that a WPC Board is not strong!

3. Unsuitable for Application in the Elevation of a Building
A WPC Board can be installed in the exteriors of the establishments. It is UV resistant and does not swell. Further, it gives a glossy and attractive look to make your home standout. The surface hardness of the WPC Boards makes them strong and durable!

4. Cannot Sustain Moisture or Water
Some people think that WPC Doors cannot be used as flushed doors, but that is not the case. These are 100% waterproof and need no lamination even when they are being used in the kitchen or bathroom. In addition, it makes them a durable and an efficient product. You can use them in the bathrooms and washing areas, without any other thought!


5. Not Much Choices
If anyone says that WPC Boards do not give many choices then it is time the real picture is brought to preview. WPC Boards are used in many applications and in many ways namely: Grills, Doors, Door Frames, Deco-Panels, CLAD-EX 3D Decorative Panels, etc.


If you are looking to buy WPC Boards in India then stay tension-free and select Ecoste to fulfil your needs. The investment you make in your home with Ecoste, you get the best value for it. In different cities across India like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc. you get the most striking WPC products from Ecoste. You can visit our Youtube channel to know more about the WPC Board applications in different spaces in your home and office. Get all the product knowledge and clear the myths or doubts about the WPC Boards with our experts by calling us today at, +91-9555075075 or mailing us at, support01@ecoste.in

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Know why the Eco-friendly and Appealing Ecoste Decorative Wall Panels are a Hit in the Market?

In the times, when the construction of one’s home or office is taking place, there is a great emphasis given to the strength and quality of the material used. Another important factor which plays a quintessential role is the beauty reflected by the same. In the current scenario, the application of Ecoste Deco-Panels in different areas of one’s living space is getting attention due to several reasons, one of them being that these are eco-friendly. These are made of natural plant fiber, and are not harmful for the environment. Also, there is no negative impact on the panels when exposed to water or air.


The aplenty reasons why one should consider buying these panels is also due to their durability and lifetime product guarantee assured by Ecoste.  It is easy to apply the Ecoste Decorative Wall Panels on the residence walls, kitchen walls, doors, decorative tents, pillars, ceilings, etc. They are water-proof, termite proof- and given these attributes, people are considering their application even in the washing areas of the home and office.


The process of the application involves clearing up the uneven patches on the wall where a deco- panel is supposed to be put. Later, many screws can be inserted in the wall- as they are not visible and altogether these panels give a classy look and feel to the place!

The interested buyers have the wide choice to select the white panels, since 12 exquisite designs are provided, that fit perfectly on the ceilings, walls, etc. These can also be painted in the colour of one’s preference. The deco-panels give a decorative insight to the interiors and exteriors of the place where they are applied. The thickness is approximately 4 mm, and the size of the Ecoste deco-panel is 2440 mm * 1200 mm / 8 ft* 4 ft.  Given these reasons, they are a hit in the market!


Hence, give the interiors and exteriors of your home a pleasing look by selecting decorative- panels from Ecoste. You can get all the information regarding their application process by watching the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCB19AU8HdQ, or by simply visiting www.ecoste.in/deco-panel

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Celebrate your Residential and Official Spaces, with Ecoste WPC Doors! Read more, to know how?

As we like to dress well, so do we like to see our home dressed up magnificently! The gist of the previous statement is that we feel bold and confident when both of them are in a perfect shape! One of the factors which take the interiors and exteriors of our home and office to another level are beautiful doors.


Different rooms in our homes have different styles when it comes to the interiors, so why not bring the rooms the enduring glow with WPC doors? Here are reasons why you should select them, get value and live in the home of your dreams!

1. WPC Doors are Non-Toxic and Borer Free
The WPC doors are made from 70% of the virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder and rest 15% of requisite chemicals and additives. They are 100% pest free and do not release any essence that could be toxic for the health of children or elders.

2. Strength and Better Machinability
The high tensile strength of the doors, give absolute strength to the structure of the door. They are light in weight, due to which there is a high screw holding capacity as well.


3. Environment-Friendly Product
This is a green product, recyclable and following sustainable development objectives. By selecting doors by Ecoste over others, you contribute towards the wellness of the society.

4. Fine in Craftsmanship
Get the designs of your choice and likeness on the doors, and stay merry! According to their application, unique designs can be brought in picture. They can be very readily applied in bathrooms given their waterproof nature. WPC Doors can further be installed in the interiors and exteriors of the home or offices. We proudly say, with Ecoste possibilities are endless.

5. Technology and Modern Design Go Hand in Hand
The standard thickness is 30 mm while generally, the thickness ranges from 20 mm to 35 mm. The density is 0.6 Kg/dmCUBE, and any paint colour can be applied on the doors. The door frames made with Profib (German Technology) by Ecoste, can be fitted as well in an enticing manner on the WPC doors.


Once you use them, you need to stay assured for their flawless condition for at least 20 years! That makes them a very wise and viable deal when making a selection of doors. Being a substitute to flush doors, WPC doors hold stability and longevity with no chance of swelling/contraction or wastage due to cracking. You can see the application process of WPC Doors in our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhb9GjdCj_U

If you want to get appealing interiors and exteriors to your home and office with WPC Doors, then ping us at +91-9555075075 or simply drop a mail at info@ecoste.in!

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The Reason You Should Select Wood Polymer Composite Boards?

While construction of one’s home, there is great importance given to minute details and it includes the quality of materials used. Strength, durability and beauty are some of the factors kept in mind while selecting the building materials.  The interior designers are eyeing towards drawing better plans for designing of the buildings; which increase the utility of the furniture units. Here is when the introduction of “Wood Polymer Composite Boards” (WPC) in the construction fits the bill for a tantalizing finishing to the home interiors.


The Wood Polymer Composite Boards provided by Ecoste are made from 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder and rest 15% of additives and requisite chemicals. They are available in different thicknesses that can suit the home finishing. Some of the positives of using these boards are given as follows:

1. Completely Washable
WBC Boards are 100% water proof, and can be used in the washing areas as well. This makes them perfect fit for laboratories, kitchens, bathrooms, air-conditioning ducts, etc.
2. Fine Furnishing
The boards are highly recommended for wardrobes, office modular furniture, shoe racks, etc. One’s looking for using an interior decorative partition can also select WPC Boards for an enchanting look.
3. Safe Choice
Ecoste WPC Boards are sustainable in their cause and effect to the environment. Being recyclable, fire resistant, 100% termite proof; these come with a guarantee of a lifetime. This makes them an eco-friendly choice, engineered in consideration to a greener environment. Ten WPC Boards save one tree, and every board you buy contributes to the plantation of one tree.
4. Versatile Styling
Nails and screwed can be used on the boards very easily. These can be customized according to your choices, when it comes to selecting amongst various colours, shapes, patterns, etc.


The boards can be cut by panel saw in different degrees, in the desired manner. Hand router can be used to give various shapes to the WPC Boards as well. Needless to say, these are very user-friendly and versatile in their making.


Knowing these points, you should introduce Ecoste WPC Boards and give your home furniture a long life and attractive appearance. You can see the working of Ecoste WPC Boards in the video:  www.goo.gl/e0E5BT. You can call 9555075075 or visit our website at www.ecoste.in for further information about WPC Boards.

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Want to know, how you can make your home beautiful and appealing? Click here!

Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite Boards (WPC Boards) are magnificent in their look and design, giving a fine finish to the different areas where these are applied. The WPC Boards are made from 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder and rest 15% of requisite chemicals and additives. This nature of the boards makes them a perfect substitute for wood applications.  Given below are some of the applications of the WPC Boards.


1. Modular Kitchen
The modular kitchens can be made fascinating and endearing with the application of WPC Boards. When it comes to shelves, drawers and kitchen material, these boards take the kitchen to another level.

2. Furniture
The Board is used for the making of furniture, both for the office and home. The various designs give an appealing appearance to the interior designing and overall look of the interior spaces.


3. Paneling
The reason why you should surely go for WPC Boards when it comes to Wall Paneling, because of the durability, striking look and various other factors which make them consumer friendly. The board can be easily applied on the wall in different structures and designs, according to the theme of the place. These further result in uplifting the feel of the environment and giving a lavishing look.

4. Partitions
Give your guests a pleasant surprise by installing partitions made from WPC Boards. These are aesthetically vibrant and act as a treat to the eyes of the art connoisseurs. You have the plus point of getting the designing done, according to your preferences and likeness. Introducing the Ecoste WPC Boards for the creation of partitions, shall leave a tremendous impact especially for offices and public places, in addition to the homes. These are popular with the cafes, bars and party places as well.

Some other applications of these boards are for the windows, ceiling solutions, digital printing solutions and industrial sections. The main concept behind them is that, they come with a lifetime guarantee, and enriching quality! Their making is simple and proven best for indoor and outdoor usage, and they come with zero maintenance. Another feather in the cap is that these are completely termite proof, corrosion free and fire retardant. They are recyclable and in lines with the sustainable development objectives.


Ecoste WPC Boards come in Biege colour that can be painted as per one’s aspirations. The size is 2440mm*1220mm/8ft*4ft, and thickness ranges from 6, 12, 17 & 18 mm. Get them installed in your residential and office space, and feel beauty like never before. You can visit our website, www.ecoste.com to know more about WPC Boards, and watch the Youtube video, to see the application process in a better manner. For any other query, feel free to call us at +91-9555075075.

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Get rid of termite by termite proof furniture

Getting rid of termites from furniture or any other thing is the most annoying thing ever. Even one uses pesticides and insect sprays on a regular interval, still they do not get removed completely and so the headache still remains.  Whatever remedies one try, the termites seem to come back every time. These termites expand so fast that even the pest control services cannot help to get rid of them completely.

That is why the best thing is to install termite proof furniture in home and offices. Termite proof board material for kitchen is a very good option as it is durable enough.

Removing termite from woods is very difficult

If someone has furniture which is made of wood, they should remove them immediately because to keep them termite free, one has to do a lot of things like keeping them moisture free in the monsoon season or keep on asking the pesticide control to spray insecticides on a regular interval to keep them termite free. Actually termite spreads at a rapid speed, and it is a bit difficult to handle them.

How to get rid of these?

That is why the best thing is to use termite free board materials and build furniture out of them so that one can easily avoid the later problems. These boards are a bit expensive than normal ply woods or normal woods as they have some extra protection covers. Though the termite proof coating comes with a cost yet the effectiveness of it is completely worth it. In fact, they are very eco-friendly as well. One can use them according to style and latest trends as it is easy to color them into various vibrant colors and use them accordingly. They are weather friendly and do not expand or contract according to temperature rise or fall outside. They are very much durable and also do not get eroded when come in contact with water.

To have a termite free kitchen, this is needed and one can enjoy a peaceful life after installing furniture made of termite proof board. It is necessary now to do that.

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Know the most common components of furniture board

There are different types of boards are used to make furniture items for domestic and commercial use. These boards can be used both indoor and outdoor for manufacturing other products as well apart from furniture. The most common components of furniture board are MPC & WPC.


furniture boards



It is also known as a wood-plastic composite. These furniture boards are very useful since they have properties of both wood and plastic. It is used for both outdoor and indoor products. Most common use of WPC is flooring. WPCs have properties of both wood and plastic. WPC is corrosion free, and it does not rot or decay like actual wood. It is water resistant up to some extent because of its plastic content. It can be considered as sustainable up to some extent because it uses waste wood particles as well as recycled plastic for its composition. It has long durability, and it is available in lots of colours and shades, which is why it does not require ant paint.

However, the WPC has some demerits too. It is not fireproof because it has plastic component too which makes it a good conductor of fire. Also, it is vulnerable to fungal and termite attack because of wood present in it. It is less strong and stiff than wood. It can also absorb moisture and get stains.


It is also known as Mineral Polymer composite. Apart from conventional wooden furniture, people also use MPC for furniture requirements. The extrusion technology has made it easy to make modern furniture with MPC, which is less expensive too. It is made from a combination of high-density plastic, and mineral filled compound. They have awarranty against peeling, cracking and rotting. It has many features which make it better than other composites.

The MPC has high additive materials, which make it bacteria-free and the interiors remain without damage. These additives also give MPC required strength. The MPC is splinter free, which makes it quite safe for kids and pets to play around. MPC is available in large variety of colours, and it does not fade with time because it is UV resistant. The MPC material has long durability, so there is no risk of cracking, splinters or peeling off. The texture and smoothness give asplendid look to furniture. It is a very affordable option for furniture and can be installed easily. Because of strong properties, it is long lasting which will not decompose even in salt water.

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Know about the technology behind the Wood Plastic Composite

It often happens that one gets bored of their same old style of the house and wants to change a little something going from old school to the modern new times. You think of changing the floors, backyard, steps or even your house from the outside look really presenting for the guests or other relatives. However, the question is how? The WPC in India provides you with a collection of wooden plastic composites (WPC) to let you decorate your house just the way you like it. Choose from a variety of patterns and colours of your own choice.

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The Science behind Wood Plastic Composites:

  • Wood plastic composites are new materials for buildings. The higher amount of use of wood plastic composite is in railings, doorframes, deck floors, windows, fences, parkbenches moulding, landscaping timbers, indoor furniture, and covering up the furniture and siding.
  • In the early 1990s, the WPC was the first to introduce them to the decking market. The manufacturers had claimed that WPC is more of an environmentally friendly product, and it also requires less maintenance than that of a solid wood, which is treated with the rot-resistant species and preservatives. With or without the wood grain, this material can still be moulded.

WPC boards show good performance, but a large block of composite sheets is extremely heavy, in fact, heavier than the pure plastic, which limits their use where low weight is not essential of panels.

Wood-Plastic Composites are created by meticulously mixing heated thermoplastic resin and particles of ground wood. The best, easy and common way to produce it is – mould the material into the desired shape even though the usage of the injection mould is also available.

Virgin or recycled thermoplastic may be used to produce WPCs that includes HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PP, PVC,PLA, and PS. The most common WPCs are Polyethylene based. A Supplement such as coupling agents, colorants, UV stabilizers, foaming agents, lubricants, and blowing agents help to perfect the end product. Moulded Wood-Plastic Composites are formed into both hollow and solid shapes.

Because of the add-on of organic material, Wood-Plastic Composites are usually created at very lower temperatures than that of the normal plastics during shaping and injection moulding. WPC usually processes at a temperature of 28°C.

New technology and efficient production processes allow producing stronger and stiffer WPC sandwich boards at extremely low costs if compared to a traditional plastic sheet or monolithic WPC panels. WPC sandwich boards are used mainly in transportation, automotive and buildings, but furniture smearing is also being developed. A wood plastic composite brings out the best in your house from the inside and outside. Check the best option available in the market.

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WPC boards: A perfect alternative to the tradition old wood

WPC or wood plastic composites are fast replacing the traditional wood used in the wood industry. Slowly all the woodcrafts are being done in composite material rather than the conventional way, keeping their sustainability in mind. They are sustainable; which means that they harm very less to our environment compared to their counterparts. These boards made from melted resin mixed with wood powder are an awesome way to redo wooden furniture and they are absolutely reliable.

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Save the world

People are using WPC boards from a long time, but they have started gaining quite a name after the concerns expressed by all countries regarding environment related issues. We are cutting down so many trees every day for our domestic needs. It is adding to the problem of survival and if it continues this way, the next generation after us will be the last to witness humanity. There is massive reduction in global oxygen supply and tremendous increase in poisonous emissions. Man has altered nature so much that in a few years it would be impossible for life to exist on our planet. Some solution has to be sought to end this.

Most accepted alternative to wood

It is now an accepted fact that the wood industry will not stop, however, we can all try and move towards an alternative, which has the same utility as wood but is more environment friendly. Various industries are already emitting poisonous wastes and dumping a lot of e-waste, harmful gases in our environment; we can at least save on the things that have an alternative.

Go for it

WPC boards are already famous in India for their durable, long lasting and non corrosive benefits. There are a lot of dependablewood plastic composite board suppliers. WPC is good for all routine furniture you would want for your house or office. Be it decking, stairs, windows, wardrobes; WPC are booming everywhere. It’s just a matter of time when these boards will totally replace the old wood. Let your house breathe without causing any harm to the environment and contribute towards a greener world. Make sure you look out for WPCs when the next time you want to get any woodwork done.

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Main Types of Doors and Windows Materials

Nowadays there is great selection of doors and windows in the market. The leading types of materials for doors and windows range from traditional wood, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic).

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Wooden doors and windows look really grand. It can be chiselled into different form and this makes it unique among other types of doors and windows. It also includes a variety of models like Japanese style craving and European style arrangement. Therefore, most high end buyers go in for wooden doors and windows. Wooden doors and windows have reliable quality, natural finish and highly polished looks. Those who want decorative style doors and windows go in for this material of windows and doors.

But today people want to enjoy an eco-friendly life style. Therefore a popular material has evolved into WPC doors and windows. The environment conscious lifestyle popular today implies that people love low-carbon style of living in which all of us do our bit for protecting the environment.

WPC is environment friendly as it will not splinter, warp or fade in the manner of wood. It minimizes the wasteful cycle of replacement and repair and avoids the frequent use of environmentally harmful stains, sealers and paints.

Most materials for doors and windows will fade on exposure to UV radiation. WPC material is blended with raw material of high quality and UV inhibiting pigments to lower fade and create products with consistent quality of colour. All WPC products will fade evenly.

WPC feels and looks like natural wood. It is weather proof, anti-impact, durable and has high density. It is very much UV resistant and has colour stability. It is highly resistant to termites and moths. It can be installed easily with minimal labour cost. It does not require glue or painting and has low maintenance. One can get top quality WPC material from WPC door manufacturers in Delhi.

FRP doors and windows are weatherproof, waterproof and free of corrosion. Being strong, it is also burglar proof. They have high strength to weight ration and are hence, easy to handle and lightweight.

These are the main types of doors and window materials.

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