High Quality PVC Door Frame & PVC Profile with Lifetime Guarantee


Door frames are essential in uplifting the interiors of any place. The complete look of any door comes only with a suitable and complementing door frame. The PVC door frame  these days appears the perfect example of the door frames which are good not just in the quality but also in the looks.

pvc door frame

The PVC profile  is available in all sizes, i.e., a width of (3 x 2 inch, 4 x 2 inch, 4 X 2.5 inch, 5 X 2 inch, 5 X 2.5 inch, 6 X 2.5 inch.), having a standard length of 7 &10 running feet, but has the scope of customization according to the minimum order quantity. The PVC door frame  manufactured by Ecoste has a walnut brown & beige color, which is robust and doesn’t require any surface treatment. But if the customer desires so, it is possible to paint it or apply any other surface material. The PVC door frame  is engineered with PROFIB, which is a German technology.

Pvc Profile

Density is one indicator which defines the real strength of the PVC profile . The density stands at 1.45 Kg/cm3 which means almost double than good quality wood density. One very impressive and efficient aspect of PVC door frame  is that it can be installed even after the P.O.P. stage is done. This is not the scenario in the case of wooden or plywood door frames.

Due to the very facts behind the PVC profile , there is the parameter of cost-effectiveness, which really suits to the customers. The long life of the PVC door frame  is due to its ability of being termite-proof, waterproof, recyclable, fire-retardant and eco-friendly. With this, it is safe to say that the PVC profile  doesn’t face any kind of swelling, contraction, wastage due to cracking, etc. Durability means that there is a good saving for the customers. In addition to this, there is very less maintenance cost, in comparison to the cost spent on the wooden door frames.

Waterproof plywood

The water-proof and moisture-proof nature of PVC profile  suggests that they can be used in the kitchens, bathrooms, etc. The PVC door frame  is suitable for application in both the interiors and exteriors of the building projects. It is a very positive feeling to install the PVC profile  because of the eco-friendly nature of the Ecoste products. Hence, buying green products shall lead to a greener environment. This shall be a step towards the green revolution, that Ecoste is dedicated to writing through its products.To get complete knowledge CLICK HERE

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