Know the most common components of furniture board

There are different types of boards are used to make furniture items for domestic and commercial use. These boards can be used both indoor and outdoor for manufacturing other products as well apart from furniture. The most common components of furniture board are MPC & WPC.


furniture boards



It is also known as a wood-plastic composite. These furniture boards are very useful since they have properties of both wood and plastic. It is used for both outdoor and indoor products. Most common use of WPC is flooring. WPCs have properties of both wood and plastic. WPC is corrosion free, and it does not rot or decay like actual wood. It is water resistant up to some extent because of its plastic content. It can be considered as sustainable up to some extent because it uses waste wood particles as well as recycled plastic for its composition. It has long durability, and it is available in lots of colours and shades, which is why it does not require ant paint.

However, the WPC has some demerits too. It is not fireproof because it has plastic component too which makes it a good conductor of fire. Also, it is vulnerable to fungal and termite attack because of wood present in it. It is less strong and stiff than wood. It can also absorb moisture and get stains.


It is also known as Mineral Polymer composite. Apart from conventional wooden furniture, people also use MPC for furniture requirements. The extrusion technology has made it easy to make modern furniture with MPC, which is less expensive too. It is made from a combination of high-density plastic, and mineral filled compound. They have awarranty against peeling, cracking and rotting. It has many features which make it better than other composites.

The MPC has high additive materials, which make it bacteria-free and the interiors remain without damage. These additives also give MPC required strength. The MPC is splinter free, which makes it quite safe for kids and pets to play around. MPC is available in large variety of colours, and it does not fade with time because it is UV resistant. The MPC material has long durability, so there is no risk of cracking, splinters or peeling off. The texture and smoothness give asplendid look to furniture. It is a very affordable option for furniture and can be installed easily. Because of strong properties, it is long lasting which will not decompose even in salt water.