Main Types of Doors and Windows Materials

Nowadays there is great selection of doors and windows in the market. The leading types of materials for doors and windows range from traditional wood, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic).

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Wooden doors and windows look really grand. It can be chiselled into different form and this makes it unique among other types of doors and windows. It also includes a variety of models like Japanese style craving and European style arrangement. Therefore, most high end buyers go in for wooden doors and windows. Wooden doors and windows have reliable quality, natural finish and highly polished looks. Those who want decorative style doors and windows go in for this material of windows and doors.

But today people want to enjoy an eco-friendly life style. Therefore a popular material has evolved into WPC doors and windows. The environment conscious lifestyle popular today implies that people love low-carbon style of living in which all of us do our bit for protecting the environment.

WPC is environment friendly as it will not splinter, warp or fade in the manner of wood. It minimizes the wasteful cycle of replacement and repair and avoids the frequent use of environmentally harmful stains, sealers and paints.

Most materials for doors and windows will fade on exposure to UV radiation. WPC material is blended with raw material of high quality and UV inhibiting pigments to lower fade and create products with consistent quality of colour. All WPC products will fade evenly.

WPC feels and looks like natural wood. It is weather proof, anti-impact, durable and has high density. It is very much UV resistant and has colour stability. It is highly resistant to termites and moths. It can be installed easily with minimal labour cost. It does not require glue or painting and has low maintenance. One can get top quality WPC material from WPC door manufacturers in Delhi.

FRP doors and windows are weatherproof, waterproof and free of corrosion. Being strong, it is also burglar proof. They have high strength to weight ration and are hence, easy to handle and lightweight.

These are the main types of doors and window materials.