What Are Some Benefits Of MPC Boards?

When it comes to furniture, popular choice is wooden furniture. But with time, changes have come in the furniture market like material for high quality furniture. Today furniture is fashioned from a variety of materials.

While regarding shortage of wood and harmful impact of tree felling on the environment, wood is no longer the popular choice for furniture and construction. But modern technology has provided a beautiful alternative to wood- namely plastic board.

MPC board

How is plastic board made?

It is made from an innovative combination of polymer particles and wood or plastic alone. There are two types of plastic boards: WPC and MPC. Wood Polymer Composite sis made of wood particles and polymers. Material consists of peanut hulls, bamboo fibre, straw, etc. Mineral Polymer Composite (MPC) boards are completely synthetic.

In MPC, a mineral filled compound is combined with high density plastic using an extrusion technology. MPC is becoming increasingly popular for furniture, windows and doors of kitchen, bath room and drawing room.

Why is MPC popular?

MPC has certain features that are making it a popular alternative to wood.

  • MPC board is durable and anti-corrosive.
  • It is water proof and termite proof.
  • Cleaning of MPC material is easy: light cleaning with soap and water will do. Thus MPC is low maintenance saving time, money and effort for its upkeep.
  • Working with MPC is simple and conventional wood working tools will suffice. No special tools are required.
  • MPC is available in a variety of colours and there is no need for extra painting.
  • Shaping the MPC board is easy and hence all kinds of applications like furniture or fencing can be done.
  • There is no danger of fungal attacks.
  • It does not change shape with change of season.
  • Its quality of water resistance makes it useful in areas of contact with water or water spillage.
  • The value of the home or area where MPC is used increases.
  • MPC enables creation of beautiful furniture.
  • It is safe for kids and pets as it is splinter free.

These are some of the advantages of MPC in furniture and construction applications.

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