9 Factors Make Ecoste The Best WPC Board Manufacturers in India


The journey of Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite has been inspiring- especially the manner it has been successful in becoming the best WPC board manufacturers in India.Here we would like to take the opportunity to share the reasons with you regarding why WPC boards are the best products for interior and exterior applications in your residential and commercial spaces.

The Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) Boards are efficient and cost-effective substitutes of wood and plywood. WPC boards have more internal strength, weight and above all- no trees are cut in their production. In addition to this, there are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of the WPC boards. This makes them an eco-friendly product, and fulfill the sustainable development objectives of the society in general. ECOSTE Wood Polymer Composite is one of the oldest manufacturers and suppliers of WPC boards in India, giving premium quality products to customers. The products are 100% termite proof, water proof, fire retardant and recyclable.

At one side, our products have been lifting smiles on the faces of our customers- but at the same time, there have been some low-grade companies that have threatened the name of WPC boards, with bad quality products. At Ecoste, we are taking the legacy of fine craftsmanship and trust to our customers. We like to be transparent to our customers, regarding our product composition and production process. The same have been scientifically tested by the Delhi Test House Laboratory, making Ecoste one of the best WPC board manufacturers in India.

WPC, being the prime product has the composition given as follows:

  • 70% Virgin Polymer
  • 15% Wood Powder

15% Additive Chemicals (being acrylic based impact modifiers which are used for providing high-strength to the product material)

The WPC boards are UV resistant given the presence of Titanium Dioxide. The whiteness and optical brightness of the boards is due to the presence of Calcium Carbonate and optical brightener.

We have led a memorable journey so far. Here is an overview of how we have been able to write it. You can go through the reasons as follows, which tell you how. Ecoste has become the best WPC board manufacturer in India over the years.

1.) 80+ Dedicated Team Members

Ecoste is what it is just because of the combined efforts of the dedicated team members, who are following the vision- to provide the best WPC products to the present and prospective customers. The team is committed to working as a united force for the growth of Ecoste! There are different departments in which the members are working, setting high quality and service standards in the entire WPC industry. The departments include manufacturing, back-end marketing, front-end marketing, dealers, digital marketing and customer support.

2.) In-house Call Centre of 12 Dedicated Members


 At Ecoste, we have an in-house call center, which plays an integral part in strengthening the team-effort. The clients and customers can reach to us anytime, in case they need any product information or have any queries. The team members in the call center, are very enthusiastic and passionate to take the product knowledge to our prospective clients or customers, by calling them at suitable hours. We have maintained this record that no query reaching us goes unresolved. The happiness of our customers is our happiness!

3.) Proactive Digital Marketing Team

 The creative and high-performing in-house digital marketing team at Ecoste, connects the company to different online and social media platforms. Knowledge sharing we believe is very important for the people to make informed choices, and for gaining visibility on the digital platforms. In addition, the digital marketing team does re-marketing and maintains the relations and connect with our previous clients. We are happy to serve them again and again with efficient WPC products. Being the leading WPC board manufacturers in India, it is our responsibility to keep our audience informed about the right choices. This not just helps us in gaining their trust, but also in creating lifelong valued customers. We answer their queries on the digital platforms as well, being highly accessible to them.

4.) Successful Youtube Video Campaigns

In our journey of sharing knowledge about the endless WPC possibilities, we have taken Youtube as a medium very seriously. Doing this has not only made it user-friendly for the people but also been able to create professional connections with them. The Youtube statistics and user-engagement is a testimony of the same. We have created 20+ videos about our products and got innumerable impressions on the digital platform. When it comes to the total views of our videos, it accounts up to over 0.8 Million, and still growing at an exponential rate! This makes us the best WPC board manufacturer in India even in running the successful Youtube Video Campaigns.

5.) 365 Days Technical Support

 We use different tools and mediums to provide technical assistance to our clients. For information regarding the product installment anywhere in India, we provide them customer support 365 days of the year. This means that we are working every day, to reach our dream together. Optimism and passion are what inspires our customers to come back to us every time, and we love to be of help every time they require our assistance. We have communication with suppliers all over the country, and daily correspondence with our suppliers and subsidiaries makes us the leading WPC board manufacturer in India.

6.) IndiaMart Leading Supplier

 IndiaMart is a leading online portal for the manufacturers and suppliers of different categories of products. We pride ourselves in being the best WPC board manufacturers in India. being listed on IndiaMart. On searching about us WPC boards on the search engines, we are always listed on the top. So is the case with IndiaMart, where we are highly trusted source of WPC board manufacturers in India.It has always been our great motive and aims to become the best manufacturers and dealers of the WPC boards in India and we have been capable enough of doing it.

7.) 80+ Distribution Network

Our distribution network has been escalating at a great pace, and keeping to the high standards set already! Other than being the forntrunners in being the WPC board manufacturers in India also exporting WPC boards to different countries across the globe. The expansive distribution network is another USP of Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite. This has been possible due to keeping to the promises and delivering on the results impeccably. The 80 + distribution networks say volume in itself. This is a reason why you should get reliable products from Ecoste to take the look of your house to another level!

8.) Widest Product Range


The product range of Ecoste is well defined and wide. We believe in giving the right product for scaling the beauty of one’s building projects. Some of our products that bring a gleam and sheen on our customer’s faces are listed as follows:

  1. WPC Boards
  2. Grills
  3. Deco-Panels (Decorative Wall Panels)
  4. CLAD-EX (3D Wall Panels)
  5. WPC Solid Doors
  6. PROFIB Door Frames & WPC Solid Door Frames

These products are known for their own unique designs and concepts. They have many qualities which set them apart from the products sold by our competitors. Moreover, they have the brand name of Ecoste attached to them- which give you the confidence to select them for your residential and commercial projects. They come with a lifetime guarantee and all products are recyclable. We don’t have any product that would pinch your pocket. They are complete and finished products and do not require any further work, like painting, polishing, etc. But if the customers want to paint the products, then it is possible as well. We are following the approach of sustainable development and give the guarantee that all our products are green products and recyclable in nature. Giving such value to our customers, we hold great pleasure in being the high-rated WPC board manufacturers in India.

9.) Our Vision – To Become a  1 Billion Turnover  Company by 2019

Having grown by great leaps and bounds since our existence, at Ecoste the team is dedicated to fulfilling the aim of being the ₹ 1 billion turnover company by 2019. It is our great gratitude towards our valuable customers for believing in our products and using them in making their building projects enchanting and endearing. It is their support only that we are honoured to be the best WPC board manufacturers in India.

Our customers are very important to us, and the team understands the value every customer adds to the company. The queries of the customers are solved with a great level of seriousness and effectiveness from the professional personnel at work. It will be right to say that our USP is the satisfaction of our customers, for which our team works earnestly.

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Know about the technology behind the Wood Plastic Composite

It often happens that one gets bored of their same old style of the house and wants to change a little something going from old school to the modern new times. You think of changing the floors, backyard, steps or even your house from the outside look really presenting for the guests or other relatives. However, the question is how? The WPC in India provides you with a collection of wooden plastic composites (WPC) to let you decorate your house just the way you like it. Choose from a variety of patterns and colours of your own choice.

WPC in India

The Science behind Wood Plastic Composites:

  • Wood plastic composites are new materials for buildings. The higher amount of use of wood plastic composite is in railings, doorframes, deck floors, windows, fences, parkbenches moulding, landscaping timbers, indoor furniture, and covering up the furniture and siding.
  • In the early 1990s, the WPC was the first to introduce them to the decking market. The manufacturers had claimed that WPC is more of an environmentally friendly product, and it also requires less maintenance than that of a solid wood, which is treated with the rot-resistant species and preservatives. With or without the wood grain, this material can still be moulded.

WPC boards show good performance, but a large block of composite sheets is extremely heavy, in fact, heavier than the pure plastic, which limits their use where low weight is not essential of panels.

Wood-Plastic Composites are created by meticulously mixing heated thermoplastic resin and particles of ground wood. The best, easy and common way to produce it is – mould the material into the desired shape even though the usage of the injection mould is also available.

Virgin or recycled thermoplastic may be used to produce WPCs that includes HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PP, PVC,PLA, and PS. The most common WPCs are Polyethylene based. A Supplement such as coupling agents, colorants, UV stabilizers, foaming agents, lubricants, and blowing agents help to perfect the end product. Moulded Wood-Plastic Composites are formed into both hollow and solid shapes.

Because of the add-on of organic material, Wood-Plastic Composites are usually created at very lower temperatures than that of the normal plastics during shaping and injection moulding. WPC usually processes at a temperature of 28°C.

New technology and efficient production processes allow producing stronger and stiffer WPC sandwich boards at extremely low costs if compared to a traditional plastic sheet or monolithic WPC panels. WPC sandwich boards are used mainly in transportation, automotive and buildings, but furniture smearing is also being developed. A wood plastic composite brings out the best in your house from the inside and outside. Check the best option available in the market.

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