The many uses of polymer sheets!

Polymer sheets are nothing but plastic sheets. They are man- made or synthetic. They are made from a process called polymerisation. These plastic sheets have several uses in the packing and construction industry. The polymer sheets are designed as flat pieces so that they can cover or decorate a place or an object. Polymer sheets are flexible and can easily be wrapped around any type of things. They are available in various sizes, thicknesses, and shapes.


Benefits of using polymer sheets –

  • They are easy to fix and remove.
  • They are vermin proof.
  • They can be cut or drilled.
  • They are rust proof.
  • They are very durable.
  • They are easily to clean and maintain.
  • They have a perfect surface finish.
  • They have easy workability.
  • They are chemically inert.
  • They are rigid yet flexible.
  • They are non – corrosive.
  • They resist cracking due to stress.
  • They have low moisture absorbing quality.
  • They have good electrical properties.
  • The polymer sheets come in different attractive colours and types.

Various uses of polymer sheets –

  • Polymer sheets are used in the shipping industry in the form of plastic wraps. These are used to hold boxes together on the sea.
  • They are also used in construction companies to wrap some fittings such as wood poles. This will provide an aesthetic look to the building.
  • They are also used by cargo and shipping businesses that are involved in shipping of the luggage. From helicopters to cars, bed to furniture, cutlery to rugs, you can wrap anything using the polymer sheets.
  • They are also used by farmers as pipes to channel water. They can prevent flooding in the farming fields.
  • They are also used in the food industry for packaging. As the material is light weight, it is the best option for packaging food. It is also safe to use and will have no harmful effects on the edible food that is packaged inside.

A variety of polymer sheets are manufactured in the industries today, to cater to the many needs of the customers. These polymer sheets are easy to use and clean. They also add a certain beautiful look to the building.