Types of Decorative Panels for Walls

Wall panelling is a type of architectural constituent installed in commercial and residential buildings. Decorative panelling is done mainly for aesthetic appeal and sometimes for functional purposes. Thus, decorative panelling for walls is truly versatile.

decorative panelling for walls


The main types of decorative panels in the market are;

  • Gypsum Panels: Also called as 3D panels, today they are one among the most popular decorative panels in the market today. They are made of a mix of plaster and other materials. These panels are quite strong but must not be used in areas which endure regular and repeated mechanical impact, such as in narrow corridors. They are also sensitive to moisture and can be used ideally in office, living room or bed room but not in a balcony. 3D panels look quite stylish.
  • Wooden Wall Panels: These are made of natural wood, veneer or chip-board. Price of the panels is determined by the type of species of wood used. These panels come in diverse designs. They fit into classic interiors as well as for simple looks without any décor. Panels made of veneer and MDF suit libraries, offices and big living rooms. They can decorate one or all walls in a room.
  • Fabric Panels: They are decorative panels which are soft to touch. They are mostly sued for soft furniture- fabric, foam and solid base, mainly for upholstery. The potential for wall decor is limited only by your budget and imagination. Most popular designs are rectangles and squares and are sued to decorate night clubs and restaurants. They can be installed as head of beds or for one wall in the bed room.
  • Leather Panels: They are similar to fabric decorative panels. They have the same soft texture. They are expensive and incredibly beautiful. They are warm to touch. One can use decent leather that does not have same external characteristics but is cheaper and more practical. They can be used in bedrooms, office rooms, hallways and living rooms. They resemble tiles in design. The only thing you need to ensure is that the location must not be susceptible to contamination. It can occupy an important place in the home.

These are the major types of decorative panels in the market.